Where to find Hindsight in a-D horseisle?

Where to find Hindsight in a-D horseisle?

Try to find him, and he’ll ask you to pick up a package and deliver it to his horse Hindsight. Go to the Tropicton Vet to get the package and return to Torrid Isle. Head up towards the sandcastle and wander around that grassy area to find Hindsight and give him the package.

Where do you find Arbuckle in Horse Isle?

Arbuckle can be found slightly northwest of Whiskerton, in the Catnip Forest. He’d like you to fetch him some cattails for his home. Patches of cattails can be found around Horse, Tail, and Bone Isle. Return to Arbuckle once you have them.

Where do you get the horseshoes in Horse Isle?

Start the quest by talking to Sabella again. She will ask you to go to Arthur Temperton, the blacksmith right there in Appleton for her horses’ horseshoes. Then, go and talk to Arthur, he will hand you the horseshoes and when you have them, return them back to Sabella.

Where to find the clay in a-D horseisle?

When you talk to Kiah, she will tell you that you can find the clay northwest of her house by the Jungle Temple. To find them, just go and dig everywhere in the little circle that surrounds the Temple. When you have found them all, go back to Genevieve to get the rings made.

Where do you find wildfire on Horse Isle?

Go to Appleton, on Horse Isle yay! local! Talk to Adrianna, she asks you to find her horse, Wildfire. Wildfire is in where the blue X is below. When you find Wildfire, he will tell you he doesn’t want to go home because he likes it there in the forest.

Where do you go to get horseshoes on Horse Isle?

Apples’ Horseshoes. This quest is on Appleton which is on Horse Isle Go to Sabella and she will ask you to pick up horseshoes from Arthur. Go North up the road to the farrier. Pick up the horse shoes and go back to Sabella.

Where do you find Dorothy on Horse Isle?

Horse Isle Help! Talk to the dolphin on dolphin isle.look at below pictures to find Dorothy. Once at the shore you will find Dorothy, a dolphin. Dorothy will explain how she wants a purpose and then she will ask you to get her 5 small and 5 big fish.


Where do you get a dinosaur bone in a-D horseisle?

Olena asks you to get a Dinosaur Bone for Muktdar. Talk to Ruslan, and he’ll tell you where one is on the beach. Rake where the picture shows and give the bone to Muktdar, then talk to Olena. You Completed A Favor for Olena! You earned $2000 and 75 quest points. Angie asks you to get 3 Little Fish for Shadow. You Completed A Meal for Shadow!

Where to find Sundance in a-D horseisle?

Unfortunately for you, Sundance wanders around Torrid Isle, specifically the nort hern half of it. Try to find him, and he’ll ask you to pick up a package and deliver it to his horse Hindsight. Go to the Tropicton Vet to get the package and return to Torrid Isle.

Where to find wildfire in a-D horseisle?

Go to the bottom of Little Appleton Forest. Go to the little collection of rock piles and stand on the one above the log. WildFire tells you that he prefers to stay free and does not want to return home. Return to Adrianna and tell her the news. You Completed Adrianna’s Quest for Wildfire!

Where to find Alexi in quests a-D-horseisle?

Alexi lives on the right side of the long house below the inn in Treeton. When you ask her if she needs any help, she wants you to find her old abacus. She says she lost it near a big rock over by Galvin’s house. Go south from her house until you reach the beach.

Where to find Admiral Leonard in a-D horseisle?

Go to the docks on Starfish Isle. The go east until you see a single palm under a double and single palm. Go underneath the single palm and there you will find Admiral Leonard. He tells you that he lost his sextant on some rocks nearby. Search the rock pile over by the docks.