Where is wayward cave located?

Where is wayward cave located?

Location of Wayward Cave in Sinnoh. Wayward Cave (Japanese: 迷いの洞窟 Bewildering Cave) is a two-story cave located in western Sinnoh. It lies on Route 206, beneath the Cycling Road. Cut is required to access the cave, and both Flash and Rock Smash are required to navigate it.

Where is Sendoff Spring?

Sendoff Spring is the fouth lake of Sinnoh that was keep hidden and is located South of Veilstone City and east of route 214. Turnback Cave is located within Sendoff Spring. It is also the entrance to meet and battle Girantina.

Where to find Turnback Cave in Pokemon Diamond?

Turnback Cave is a cave found in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum. In Diamond and Pearl the maze-like cavern plays a much larger role as it is the home of the Legendary Pokémon Giratina. It is found in Sendoff Spring.

Where is the turn back cave in Sinnoh?

Location of Turnback Cave in Sinnoh. Pokémon world locations. Turnback Cave (Japanese: もどりのどうくつ Returning Cave) is a maze-like cave filled with dense fog which is home to the Legendary Pokémon Giratina. Turnback Cave is located at the north-central region of Sendoff Spring, which itself may only be accessed through the Spring Path.

Where do you find Giratina in Turnback Cave?

Once inside, the player character has to go room to room, choosing one of four directions, in order to find a total of three pillars. Upon finding the third pillar, any entrance you choose will lead to the room where Giratina awaits the player character.

Where do you use rock climb in Turnback Cave?

There are two places to use Rock Climb. Go to the one east of the two trees. After using Rock Climb, go across and back until the player character reaches another place where the player character can use Rock Climb, then go down there, and go in the cave, and the player character is in.