Where is underline used?

Where is underline used?

An underline is a section of text in a document where the words have a line running beneath them. For example, this text should be underlined. Underlined text is commonly used to help draw attention to text. Today, underlines are commonly used to represent a hyperlink on a web page.

How do you know when to italicize or underline?

Titles of full works like books or newspapers should be italicized. Titles of short works like poems, articles, short stories, or chapters should be put in quotation marks. Titles of books that form a larger body of work may be put in quotation marks if the name of the book series is italicized.

How do you put underline in a sentence?

Select the text that you want to underline. Go to Home > Underline. Or press Ctrl+U.

What is underscore example?

The definition of an underscore is an underline drawn under a word to emphasize it. An underline underneath a word for emphasis is an example of an underscore. The underscore character (_) is often used to make file, field and variable names more readable when blank spaces are not allowed. For example, NOVEL_1A.

Do you underline a title in an essay?

The title should define the assignment or the topic of the paper. It should not be the title of the book, poem, essay, or short story about which you are writing. Your title should not be bolded, underlined or italicized. Type your title in the same font, size, and style as the rest of your paper.

What does it mean when you underline?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to mark (something, such as a word) with a line underneath. 2 : to put emphasis on : stress. 3 : to show clearly or emphatically.

How do you underline a word in a text?

Steps to Follow: So, tap on the ‘A’ icon from the top menu bar. After tapping on that icon, you will see a few formatting and font-related options appear at the bottom of the screen. Among those options, you will find an icon that looks like a ‘U’ with an underscore. This is the underline icon.

How do I underline words?

Steps Open your Word document. Highlight the text you want to underline. Click the tiny arrow next to the U button. Select the underline you want to use.

How do I underscore text?

To underline text, follow these steps: Select the Underline Text tool by selecting Tools→Comment & Markup Tools→Underline Text. Drag over the text that you want underlined. The text is now underlined.

Should punctuation be underlined?

The general rule seems to be to include the punctuation in the underlined text only if it is an integral part of the final word. This would include initialisms such as U.S. and special cases such as the musical Oklahoma! Otherwise, if the punctuation is simply to end the piece of text — such as a period, semi-colon,…

What does underline mean?

underline(Noun) A line placed underneath a piece of text in order to provide emphasis or to indicate that it should be viewed in italics or that it acts as a hyperlink.