Where does the book Zoobreak take place?

Where does the book Zoobreak take place?

Plot. Savannah has lost her pet monkey named Cleopatra. Griffin and his friend Ben are trying to help her get it back, but they have no such luck until they take a field trip to a zoo boat that has made a stop in Long Island.

What genre is Zoobreak by Gordon Korman?

Children’s literature
MysteryAdventure fiction

Is there a movie for Ungifted?

Walden Media is developing another family-friendly feature film. Korman has already done well with the 39 Clues series that DreamWorks is currently developing as a film. …

What grade is the book Slacker?


Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 6 5.2

What’s the basic idea of the book Zoobreak?

The basic idea is fun. A girl’s pet monkey is kidnapped. The kids discover the culprit is the owner of a floating, travelling zoo. No-one will help them get the monkey back, so they take matters into their own hands, but end up stealing all the animals in the zoo, instead of just getting back the monkey.

Who are the main characters in Zoobreak?

In the book Zoobreak, Ben Slovak is one of the group members that helps break his friends monkey out of a nasty zoo. His role in the plan is to slip into a tight area onto the boat and get the team in there. Ben has a sleeping disease that makes him fall asleep at any point in the day. He is one of the main characters.

What happens in the book Zoobreak by Gordon Korman?

Zoobreak by Gordon Korman is a breathtaking experience, Griffin Bing and his school classmates go to the zoo for a field trip, he noticed that the animals were getting treated in an distressingly bad way. Griffin even finds a girl named Savanna’s pet monkey, which was missing for weeks.

What’s the role of Logan in Zoobreak?

In the book Zoobreak, Logan’s role is to distract the seceraty guard Klaus, so he doesn’t catch the other team members while they are breaking out the monkey. Logan can act himslef out of any situation. When the team set up camaras a couple of days before the plan starts, Klaus caught logan sneeking around the boat.