Where did the Medicine Lodge take place?

Where did the Medicine Lodge take place?

In October 1867 a U.S. Indian Peace Commission signed three treaties at Medicine Lodge Creek near Medicine Lodge, Kansas. One treaty was made with the Kiowa and Comanche, a second confederated the Plains Apache with the Kiowa and Comanche, and a third was negotiated with the Arapaho and Cheyenne.

Where is the Medicine Lodge 1890?

The treaty, whose peace lasted less than one year, was the first in which the United States formally adopted the policy of attempting to acculturate Native Americans to European ways….Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site.

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Nearest city Medicine Lodge, Kansas
Significant dates

When was Medicine Lodge founded?


Medicine Lodge, Kansas
State Kansas
County Barber
Founded 1873
Incorporated 1879

How did Medicine Lodge get its name?

Nestled in a valley east of the Gypsum Hills is the historic town of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, the county seat of Barber County. Medicine Lodge took its name from the Medicine River which skirted the townsite on the west.

Why did Native Americans break the treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek?

In the 1903 legal battle of Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock (187 U.S. 553), Kiowan Chief Lone Wolf claimed defraudation of land due to misrepresentations by the interpreter and lack of required votes. Congress found the treaty was void because it was not ratified by the required three quarters of the male tribal members.

What was significant about the location chosen for the Medicine Lodge Treaty?

The Medicine Lodge Treaty is the overall name for three treaties signed near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, between the Federal government of the United States and southern Plains Indian tribes in October 1867, intended to bring peace to the area by relocating the Native Americans to reservations in Indian Territory and away …

What three things did the treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek say the Native Americans would receive in return?

The treaties negotiated at Medicine Lodge Creek were similar in their terms, involving surrender of traditional tribal territories in exchange for much smaller reservations in Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) and allowances of food, clothing, equipment, and weapons and ammunition for hunting.

Which tribe did not attend a meeting in Medicine Lodge in Kansas to negotiate a peace settlement?

Which tribe did NOT attend a meeting in Medicine Lodge in Kansas to negotiate a peace settlement? Bands of Plains Indians raided settlers during the Civil War because the settlements lacked military protection. Which provision of the Medicine Lodge Treaty was NOT agreed upon by those who signed the treaty?

What county is Medicine Lodge?

Barber County
Medicine Lodge/Counties

Barber County is located in South Central Kansas and is named for Thomas Barber, an abolitionist who was killed in Douglas County in 1855 during the Wakarusa War. Founded on February 26, 1867, its county seat and most populous city is Medicine Lodge.

What happened Medicine Lodge?

What is Medicine Lodge Kansas known for?

Known as the “Gateway to the Gyp Hills,” Medicine Lodge is a unique and historic community established in 1873. History buffs will enjoy our numerous historical sites and can experience the past in-person at the Stockade Museum and Carry Nation Home.

Why did fighting continue after the Medicine Lodge Treaty?

They determined that the United States government and its representatives, including the United States Congress, had contributed to the warfare on the Great Plains by failing to fulfill their legal obligations and to treat the Native Americans with honesty.

Where did the Medicine Lodge treaties take place?

Medicine Lodge Treaties The Medicine Lodge Treaties were a series of three treaties between the US government and the Comanche, Kiowa, Plains Apache, Southern Cheyenne, and Southern Arapaho American Indian nations, signed in October 1867 along Medicine Lodge Creek, south of Fort Larned, Kansas.

How did the Medicine Lodge get its name?

19th century. The particular medicine lodge, mystery house or sacred tabernacle from which the Medicine Lodge River received its name was in reality an arbor-like shelter of tree trunks and leafy branches which was erected by the Kiowa people for the celebration of their annual sun dance in the summer of 1866.

Where is Medicine Lodge in Kansas, United States?

Medicine Lodge is located at 37°17′4″N 98°34′52″W / 37.28444°N 98.58111°W / 37.28444; -98.58111 (37.284352, -98.580977) in south-central Kansas in the Red Hills region of the Great Plains. The city sits immediately north of the confluence of the Medicine Lodge River and Elm Creek.

What kind of government does Medicine Lodge have?

Medicine Lodge has a mayor-council form of government. The city council consists of five members, who are elected on a rotating schedule. The day-to-day operations of city government are managed by a City Administrator who operates under the supervision of the elected officials.