When was Bradley Center built?

When was Bradley Center built?

October 1, 1988
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Did the Bradley Center get torn down?

The roof on Milwaukee’s Bradley Center was demolished Sunday, Jan. 13. Officials at Advantage Blasting & Demolition, based in Pennsylvania, shared video of the demolition on their Facebook page. The empty lot won’t be built out until after the 2020 Democratic National Convention next summer.

What will replace the Bradley Center?

Fiserv Forum
The Bradley Center was a $90 million gift to the community by the late Jane Bradley Pettit. The final event at the facility was held July 24. The Bradley Center is well into the process of being demolished. It has been replaced by the $524 million Fiserv Forum, which was built next door.

Why was the Fiserv Forum built?

Featuring an active plaza space designed for year-round community use outside, and sweeping views both into the bowl and out to the city throughout the interior, Fiserv Forum is being built to redefine world class fan experience and highlight the communal nature of attending live entertainment.

How old was the Bradley Center?

33c. 1988
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Do the Bucks still play in the Bradley Center?

On January 13, 2019 the roof of the Bradley Center was imploded. The final standing part of the Bradley Center was felled on May 31, 2019. During the Bucks’ run to the NBA Finals in 2021, the Bradley Center site was used as part of the viewing parties in the Deer District for the Bucks’ playoff games.

Why was the Bradley Center torn down?

Following the opening of the new Fiserv Forum in late August 2018, the Bradley Center was demolished to make way for future development. Assets from the arena, including display boards, scoreboards, equipment and sports and concert memorabilia were auctioned off.

Where did the Milwaukee Bucks play before the Bradley Center?

BMO Harris had merged with Milwaukee-based M&I Bank a year earlier. After the heirs to the Bradley fortune gave their approval, the arena was renamed the “BMO Harris Bradley Center”.

Is the Bradley Center still standing?

Where is the Bradley Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

The Bradley Center (known as the BMO Harris Bradley Center under sponsorship agreements) is a defunct multi-purpose arena located on the northwest corner of North 4th and West State Streets in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

When is the Bradley Center going to be rebuilt?

The final standing part of the Bradley Center was felled on May 31, 2019. Bucks officials state that redevelopment of the Bradley Center site would not start until after the 2020 Democratic National Convention takes place.

What are the guidelines for the Bradley Center?

The Bradley Center is following the guidance and guidelines established by the state of Pennsylvania and Allegheny County with regard to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our region. This includes implementing some restrictions that may impact visitation.

Who was the donor for the Bradley Center?

History. Funds to build the Center were donated as a gift to the State of Wisconsin by broadcaster/Admirals owner Lloyd Pettit and his wife, Jane Bradley Pettit, in memory of Jane’s late father, Harry Lynde Bradley of the Allen-Bradley company.