What years was the Remington 742 made?

What years was the Remington 742 made?

The Remington Model 742, also known as the Woodsmaster, is a semi-automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980….

Remington Model 742
Produced 1960-1980
No. built 1,433,269
Mass 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

What years was the Remington Sportsman made?

Registered. There were two models of the Remington Sportsman made, one known only as the Sportsman made 1931 to 1949 and the other known as the Model 48 (Sportsman) made from 1949 to 1961.

When was the Remington Nylon 66 made?

1959 to
The Remington Nylon 66 was a rifle manufactured by Remington Arms from 1959 to 1989. It was one of the earliest mass-produced rifles to feature a stock made from a material other than wood. Previously the 22-410 Stevens combination gun had been offered with a Tenite stock.

What model is a Remington Sportsman?

The Remington Model 58, also known as the Sportsman 58, is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms in the mid-20th century.

How is Nylon 66?

Nylon 6 is made from one monomer which has 6 carbon atoms whilst Nylon 66 is made from 2 monomers with each one having 6 carbon atoms, hence the Nylon 66 name. An important difference between Nylon 6 & 66 is mold shrinkage.

When did the remington.22 semi automatic come out?

Introduced in 1993. A new Remington .22 rimfire caliber semi-automatic design. Black stock made from synthetic resin, while receiver is made from a synthetic as well. Features 20″ barrel and 10-shot detachable clip.

Which is the best 22 caliber rifle on the market?

The Ten Best .22 Rifles 1 Marlin Model 60 / Model 795. 2 Remington Nylon 66. 3 Ruger 10/22. 4 Marlin Model 39A. 5 S&W MP15-22. 6 Winchester 1903 / 63. 7 CZ Model 452. 8 Browning SA-22. 9 Winchester 1890. 10 Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle.

What’s the name of the Remington semi auto rifle?

The Marlin Model 60’s name indicates the year it was introduced. It has been in continuous production ever since, though now it is made by Remington. mfg photo The semi-auto Marlin Model 60 is also widely known as the Marlin Glenfield Model 60 or simply Glenfield 60.

When did the first.22lr rifle come out?

If you learned to shoot on a .22 rifle as a kid in the years since, there’s a good chance you shot a Model 60. The rifle began as the Model 99, developed in 1959 by Ewald Nichol.