What were the types of segregation?

What were the types of segregation?

Segregation is made up of two dimensions: vertical segregation and horizontal segregation.

What is an example of segregate?

To segregate is to separate a group of people because of race, gender or religion, or to set apart or keep separate. When girls and boys are required to attend different schools, this is an example of a time when the school system segregates. One that is or has been segregated.

What is segregation in civil engineering?

The concrete should be free form segregation. It is defined as the breaking up of cohesion (separation of concrete aggregate) in a mass of concrete . It results in honey combing, decrease in density, and ultimately loss of strength of hardened concrete.

What segregate means?

1 : to separate or set apart from others or from the general mass : isolate. 2 : to cause or force the separation of (as from the rest of society) intransitive verb. 1 : separate, withdraw. 2 : to practice or enforce a policy of segregation.

What is civil segregation?

Concept of Segregation of Concrete Segregation of concrete means separation of ingredients from design fresh concrete resulting in the non-uniform mix. During construction work, segregation and concrete can occur on site and it affects the durability of your structures.

What are causes of segregation?

Segregation could result from internal factors such as concrete that is not proportioned properly and not mixed adequately, or too workable a mix. It also could result from external factors such as too much vibration, improper transportation, placement, or adverse weather conditions.

What are some examples of the law of segregation?

In plants, for example, the color trait of the flower will depend on the type of allele inherited by the offspring. Each parent plant transfers one of the alleles to their offspring. And these sets of alleles in the offspring will depend on the chromosomes of the two gametes uniting at fertilization.