What were the bedrooms like on the Titanic?

What were the bedrooms like on the Titanic?

The rooms were fitted in enamel white with mahogany furniture. In second class, passengers slept in berths built into the walls of the cabins. At two to four berths per cabin, privacy was hard to come by, although passengers could close the curtain around their berth.

What did third-class bedrooms look like on the Titanic?

They were paneled in white-painted pine with salmon pink colored linoleum floors, furnished with plumbed-in washbasins, mattresses and White Star bed linens (the only exception was single men, who were provided with only straw-stuffed mattresses and a blanket).

What did the first-class bedrooms look like on the Titanic?

The type of first-class stateroom that predominated was a single or double-berth stateroom which contained a dressing table, horsehair sofa, wardrobe, and marble-topped washstand with basin. Double berth cabins had “tipped” washbasins on shelves that could be folded back into the cabinet to save room.

What was special about the bottom deck of the Titanic?

G Deck, the Lower Deck, was the lowest complete deck that carried passengers, and had the lowest portholes, just above the waterline.

What did a second class rooms look like on the Titanic?

Second-class staterooms were very comfortable, featuring oak paneling painted a glossy white, linoleum floors, and mahogany furniture usually consisting of a large sofa, wardrobe, and dressing table with washbasin, mirror, and storage shelves.

What was it like for the 3rd class people on the Titanic?

On the Titanic, third-class passengers shared common bathrooms, ate in dining facilities with other third-class passengers, and slept in cabins four to a room. By the standards of the day, the accommodations on the Titanic for third-class passengers were excellent.

What was third class like on Titanic?

Third class was much more basic with very few facilities, but passengers still enjoyed a high level of luxury compared to other liners of the day. The general room was where most passengers gathered, talked and socialised. There was a piano for passengers to make their own music in the evenings.

What was the bedroom like on the Titanic?

They only had the necessities- a sink for washing themselves, a mirror, hooks to hang their jackets on, four beds and drawers built into the bed sides. Although this may sound very small and bland, most passengers claimed that the third class bedrooms on the Titanic were better than most second class bedrooms on other cruise ships.

Where was the smoke room on the Titanic?

In addition to the stairway described on the boat deck, there was near the after end of the A deck and immediately forward of the first-class smoke room another first-class entrance, giving access as far down as C deck. The second-class stairway at the after end of this deck (already described under the boat deck) had no exit on to the A deck.

How many first class rooms were on the Titanic?

There were 4 first-class, 8 first or second alternatively, and 19 second-class rooms leading off this starboard passage. The remainder of the deck was appropriated to third-class accommodation. This contained the bulk of the third-class accommodation. At the forward end of it was the accommodation for 53 firemen constituting the third watch.

Where was the stewards stairway on the Titanic?

Between the reciprocating engine casing and the third funnel casing there was a stewards’ stairway, which communicated with all the decks below as far as E deck. Outside the deck houses was promenading space for first class passengers. Plate 3 (b): First Class Promenade Deck A Plan. The Shipbuilder (Midsummer 1911) p. 120-121.