What was the name of the song Billy Strayhorn wrote for Ellington that became one of his biggest hits?

What was the name of the song Billy Strayhorn wrote for Ellington that became one of his biggest hits?

Strayhorn wrote the iconic “Lush Life,” about the darker seductions of the jazz life, when he was a teenager. He wrote “Take the ‘A’ Train” at 24, just after joining Ellington’s band.

How many songs did Billy Strayhorn write?

Strayhorn wrote over 150 songs or other pieces of music, mostly for the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Did Frank Sinatra write any of his songs?

Francis Albert Sinatra didn’t write the songs we know and love. But Ol’ Blue Eyes was the songwriter’s greatest friend as he could take a tune and make it one of the most famous songs in the world.

Did Billy Joel write songs for other artists?

Original songs

Title Written by Covered by
Until the Night Billy Joel Covered by (5 artists)
Uptown Girl Billy Joel Covered by (56 artists)
Vienna Billy Joel Covered by (23 artists)
We Didn’t Start the Fire Billy Joel Covered by (17 artists)

What Billy Strayhorn piece became Duke’s most famous piece of?

Take the ‘A’ Train
“Take the ‘A’ Train” Strayhorn’s fruitful partnership with Ellington lasted 30 years, but the most famous song it yielded was written shortly after the two met.

Who co wrote with Duke Ellington?

Billy Strayhorn
Dayton, Ohio, U.S. William Thomas Strayhorn (November 29, 1915 – May 31, 1967) was an American jazz composer, pianist, lyricist, and arranger, who collaborated with bandleader and composer Duke Ellington for nearly three decades.

Are there any songs that Frank Sinatra wrote?

He did write a few songs and he’s contributed lyrics to some songs, like ” I’m A Fool To Want You.” I do think it’s a testament to his artistry that a lot of people think that he wrote a lot of these songs, which he didn’t. But he grew up in the era where songwriters, their job was to write the songs, not sing them.

How old was Billy Strayhorn when he bought his piano?

Strayhorn bought his own piano by saving up money he earned as a soda jerk. All the while, the piano prodigy dreamed of a more rich – or lush – life than the one he had in the shadow of the steel industry of Pittsburgh. Strayhorn was 23 when he met 39-year-old Duke Ellington, who was in Pittsburgh for a show at the Crawford Grill.

What was the private life of Frank Sinatra?

All the while, his private life was under constant scrutiny, everything from tabloid attempts to align him with gangsters, to his tumultuous affair and marriage to Hollywood siren Ava Gardner, to the harrowing kidnapping of his son, Frank Jr. Through it all, his star continued to rise, and whenever it would dim, it would only come back brighter.

How many shows did Billy Strayhorn play Lush Life?

“Lush Life” was more of an ongoing project for Strayhorn than a song intended for publication. He only played the song for friends or at parties until the Carnegie Hall performance. Ellington played seven shows at the iconic theatre that year, and Strayhorn and Davis unveiled “Lush Life” in the final show.