What was the Mauretania known for?

What was the Mauretania known for?

RMS Mauretania, one of the most famous ships to be built on Tyneside, was launched amid great fanfare in 1906. The luxury liner was famous for its speed, for many years holding the record for the quickest trans-Atlantic crossing. What is less well known is the vital role it played in World War One.

Is the Lusitania the Titanic?

The owners of Lusitania and Titanic were separate companies and rivals. Lusitania was operated by the Cunard Line, and Titanic was operated by the White Star Line. Lusitania’s sister ship was Mauretania, and they had a “half sister” or “cousin” named Aquitania.

Why was the Mauretania scrapped?

When Cunard Line merged with White Star Line in 1934, Mauretania, along with Olympic, Homeric, and other aging ocean liners, were deemed surplus to requirements and withdrawn from service.

When was the Mauretania taken in for an overhaul?

When Mauretania was taken in for her annual overhaul at Liverpool in December 1957 the opportunity was taken to fit air conditioning throughout the ship. Mauretania at the breaker’s yard. By 1962, Mauretania was facing competition from more modern ships and was beginning to lose money for Cunard Line.

When was the second RMS Mauretania built in England?

The second RMS Mauretania was an ocean liner that was launched on 28 July 1938 at the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead, England, and was completed in May 1939. She was one of the first ships built for the newly formed Cunard White Star company following the merger in April 1934 of the Cunard and White Star Line.

Where did the Mauretania go on the Titanic?

Mauretania was on a westbound voyage from Liverpool to New York, beginning 10 April 1912, and was docked at Queenstown, Ireland, at the time of the RMS Titanic disaster. Mauretania was transporting Titanic ‘ s cargo manifest carried by registered mail.

How big was the Lusitania and Mauritania ship?

The government lent them the money on condition that they were capable of being armed in times of national emergency – which was just as well as this was exactly what was to happen in later years. Both ships were 785 feet long and weighed 32,000 tonnes.