What was the 100th episode of Regular Show?

What was the 100th episode of Regular Show?


No. overall No. in season Title
100 20 “Caveman”
After Mordecai and Rigby accidentally defrost a caveman, they try to civilize him so he can stay at the park.
101 21 “That’s My Television”
Mordecai and Rigby help RGB2 escape from the studio lot so he can avoid starring in a revival of his show.

What is the most viewed Regular Show episode?

15 Best Episodes Of Regular Show, According To IMDb

  1. 1 A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 1 (9.9)
  2. 2 A Regular Epic Final Battle: The Power (9.6)
  3. 3 A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 2 (9.6)
  4. 4 Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (9.6)
  5. 5 Cheer Up Pops (9.5)
  6. 6 Meet The Seer (9.5)
  7. 7 Space Escape (9.5)
  8. 8 Exit 9B (9.5)

Is there a season 9 of regular show?

There will be no ninth season for Emmy-winning series Regular Show. Cartoon Network said the series’ eighth season, set to debut on September 26, will be its last.

How many episodes of Regular Show are there?

Regular Show/Number of episodes

How old is Rigby on regular show?

Rigby (voiced by William Salyers) is a 23-year-old anthropomorphic brown raccoon who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He has been best friends with Mordecai since childhood and is more prone to slacking off than Mordecai is.

How many episodes are in the Regular Show?

Most episodes of Regular Show last 11 minutes; episodes are usually paired together to fill a half-hour program slot. 261 episodes in eight seasons have been completed and broadcast. The first season began on September 6, 2010, with the episode “The Power” and ended on November 22, 2010, with “Mordecai and the Rigbys”.

Who are the main characters in the Regular Show?

Regular Show depicts their daily routines at work and usual attempts to slack off, which often result in surreal misadventures. Other major characters include fellow groundskeepers Skips ( Mark Hamill ), Muscle Man (Sam Marin) and Hi-Five Ghost (Quintel), park manager Pops (Marin), and their boss Benson (Marin).

How long does it take to make regular show?

Each episode of Regular Show takes about nine months to complete. Quintel and his 35-member team develop each episode at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California. The script is illustrated in rough hand-drawn images, known as storyboards.

Is the regular show based on a true story?

Many of Regular Show’s characters were loosely based on those developed for Quintel’s student films at California Institute of the Arts: The Naïve Man from Lolliland and 2 in the AM PM. The former was one of the winners of the 2005 Nicktoons Film Festival and received international attention after being broadcast on Nicktoons Network.