What type of horror movie is Hellraiser?

What type of horror movie is Hellraiser?

Hellraiser is a 1987 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, and produced by Christopher Figg, based on Barker’s 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart.

Is Pinhead a villain?

Pinhead is the main character and villain of the Hellraiser Franchise. As a human, he was Elliot Spencer, a captain in World War I. But then, ever since he solved the Lament Configuration, he was sucked into Hell and transformed into a Cenobite. Several decades later, he rose out of Hell for the first time.

What are the Pinhead movies called?

Hellraiser film
The name “Pinhead” is derived from a sobriquet given to him by the crew of the first Hellraiser film; he is first credited as such in Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

How many Pinhead movies are there?

The Hellraiser franchise consists of science fiction supernatural horror installments including, four theatrical films, six straight-to-home video films, various comic books, and additional merchandise and media.

Why does pinhead have pins?

[Pinhead] was basically Clive’s design, as seen on the Hellbound T-shirts. Originally he had pins all over the head, but Clive and I thought it would be nice to make it look more like a mask with pins around his chin, over his ears and at the back of his head. We modelled it about six times and did loads of drawings.

Is Hellraiser actually scary?

But it’s still a horror classic! This is not your typical slasher flick. In fact, it’s not a slasher at all: no, this is much darker, with some truly ugly stuff. Clearly, the Lead Cenobite (Doug Bradley) – commonly known as Pinhead – has become as much of a horror icon as Freddy Krueger.

Does Pinhead have a weakness?

Weaknesses. Pinhead’s only real weakness lies within the same object used to summon him: the Lament Configuration. The box can be used to banish him back to Hell.

How was Pinhead tortured?

One Of The Greatest Cenobites Was A Child Tortured By Other Cenobites When He Accidentally Entered Hell. The Chatterer is one of the most well-known of the gash belonging to Hell Priest Pinhead. He has a mass of burnt flesh for a face and the skin around his mouth is peeled back and held in place by eight hooks.

Is Pinhead a horror movie?

In Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005), Pinhead and the Cenobites are horror film characters and have become the basis for a successful MMORPG called Hellworld. In Hellraiser: Revelations (2011), Pinhead is physically portrayed by Stephan Smith Collins and voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Why did Doug Bradley stop playing Pinhead?

While Doug Bradley was approached about returning, he opted out after reading the script and sensing it was a cheap cash grab. Instead, actor Stephan Smith Collins stepped into the role, though both his performance and the movie itself were panned.

Why does pinhead have nails in his head?

Rather than gold or jeweled pins, the character would have black iron nails decorating his head. In terms of lighting, Pinhead was designed so that shadows would swirl round his head.

Who kills Pinhead?

Dr. Paul Merchant
The future segments of the film reveal that Pinhead is finally destroyed in the year 2127 by Dr. Paul Merchant, another descendant, who uses a space station to complete the “Elysium Configuration”, capable of closing Hell’s gateway for good.

Who was the main character in the movie Pinhead?

Pinhead was originally the English-born Elliot Spencer, who was a captain in the military and participant in World War I. During the war, Elliot would witness and experience many atrocities, which would cause him to lose faith in humanity and God.

Who was the actor who played Pinhead in Hellraiser?

During filming of the first Hellraiser movie, actor Doug Bradley discussed the character with Clive Barker. Both agreed, as the novella indicated, that Pinhead was once human, though when he had lived and died was undecided.

What makes Pinhead a good slasher movie villain?

Aside from the iron pins jabbed in his skull, Pinhead is renowned in the slasher movie genre for being one of the very few villains who is highly intelligent and eloquent.

Who was captain Pinhead in Hellbound Heart?

Within The Hellbound Heart, Pinhead’s tongue has been similarly decorated. Pinhead was originally an Englishman, an educated soldier by the name Captain Elliott Spencer, who fought during World War I, serving under the British Expeditionary Force, his last battle having taken place during one of the Battles of Flanders.