What sports teams do not end in s?

What sports teams do not end in s?

Can you name the North America Pro Sports Teams That Don’t End in ‘S’ (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL)?

Team % Correct
Miami Heat 89.7%
Chicago White Sox 89.4%
Utah Jazz 84.7%
Oklahoma City Thunder 81.4%

How many NBA teams don’t have s at the end?

There are 9 teams in the four major American sports (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) whose nickname does not end in an ‘S.

How many sports teams do not have an S?

How many Pro Sports Teams End in the Letter “S” and Which Are They? It’s crazy to consider that most every team ends in the letter “s” in the four major U.S. Professional Sports. What is crazier is that up until this year, there were zero in the NFL. We’ll explore what’s changed.

Who is the youngest team in the NBA?

Rebuilding franchise the Oklahoma City Thunder are the youngest team in the league, holding a slim lead over the Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Are there any sports teams that end with an s?

All 32 of the National Football League’s teams have mascots whose names end with a plural “s.” In general, most teams’ names end with an “s,” since they exist in plural form. However, with the two baseball teams, “Sox” is a variation on the spelling of the word “socks” while the other teams’ exist as plural without adding the letter “s.”

Are there any college football teams that don’t end with an s?

College Nicknames That Don’t End With an “S”. There are 130 NCAA Football teams playing at the FBS level. Schools like Alabama and Notre Dame are usually the first schools guessed, but it takes a true fan to name all of them. This nickname might just be the oddest of the list.

Are there any NHL teams that end in a Z?

Dallas Stars does not end in a Z. Unless there’s another team called that. But the NHL team is Stars. Very interesting….