What should you use to hold a thermometer above a beaker that is being heated?

What should you use to hold a thermometer above a beaker that is being heated?

Laboratory Equipment

used to hold objects above a Bunsen burner – always used with a trianglt to support the object being heated ring clamp
for measuring temperature thermometer
used for mixing and heating chemicals and running reactions – smaller quantities than beakers and flasks test tube

What is used to support a beaker when heating?

A wire gauze is a sheet of thin metal that has net-like patterns or a wire mesh. Wire gauze is placed on the support ring that is attached to the retort stand between the Bunsen burner and the glassware to support the beakers, flasks, or other glassware during heating.

What iron stand holds a beaker when heating?

5) Iron Ring- clasp made of iron, used to hold glass beakers or flasks when they are being heated. Use with a ring stand. May adjust height. 6) Thermometer-uses thermal expansion of the liquid in the bulb to determine the temperature of objects.

What is a thermometer clamp used for?

lab equipment and uses

test tube holder Used to hold test tubes while heating.
test tube rack Used to hold test tubes while reactions happen in them or while they are not needed.
thermometer Used to take temperature of solids, liquids, and gases.
utility clamp Used to attach test tubes and other glassware to ring stand.

What do you use a beaker for?

Beakers are useful as a reaction container or to hold liquid or solid samples. They are also used to catch liquids from titrations and filtrates from filtering operations. Laboratory Burners are sources of heat. Burets are for addition of a precise volume of liquid.

What do you use a beaker for in a lab?

Beakers are a type of cylindrical container used to mix chemicals, liquids and other substances together for scientific testing. They are also used routinely in laboratory experiments to calculate the volumes of various liquids. However, beakers are not the primary choice for measuring in labs,…

How is a thermometer used to measure temperature?

Thermometers are tools that are used to measure temperature. An object’s temperature shows how much heat it has. If you are measuring something that is warm or hot, the liquid in the thermometer will expandand rise inside the thermometer’s glass tube.

Why are the bottoms of a beaker flat?

Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine for About.com explains that the flat bottoms on beakers make them convenient tools to place on hot plates without falling over. Beakers are usually made of borosilicate glass to prevent sudden cracking and splitting under fluctuating temperature extremes.

What kind of material is a beaker made of?

Wikipedia notes that they can also come in other materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, polythene, polypropylene and polytetrafluoroethylene. They are called beakers because of their small pour spouts, or beaks, located at the lip of each container. Beakers are manufactured in a range of sizes,…