What should I do after 12th for engineering?

What should I do after 12th for engineering?

After 12th you have the option of pursuing either a Diploma Program or a Bachelor’s Degree course. For most of the Engineering courses at Bachelor’s level, candidates have to appear for an entrance exam to secure a seat in an Engineering college.

What are JEE exams?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance assessment conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It is constituted by two different examinations: the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. These institutes do not participate in the post-examination counselling session (JoSAA).

How long does it take to get a degree in engineering?

Engineering Associate’s Degrees. It is possible to earn an engineering degree in just two years. However, doing so won’t make you an engineer. In all disciplines of engineering, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to attain even an entry-level job – and in some disciplines, a master’s degree or higher might be required for entry-level roles.

How long does it take to get Masters in civil engineering?

Master’s degrees in civil engineering can also provide management training for future leadership positions. Most master’s degree programs take about two years to complete and many are offered online, allowing students to continue to work full-time while attending class.

How long does it take to become a biomedical engineer?

As long as students average 16 to 18 credit hours per semester and pass their classes, they’ll likely obtain a biomedical engineering degree in four years. Students who major in biomedical engineering must complete a series of biomedical engineering courses their sophomore, junior and senior years.

What can you do with a 2 year degree in engineering?

There are also two-year degree programs in a field of study called engineering technology. With a two-year engineering technology degree, you can get a job. Instead of an engineer, you will be an engineering technician or technologist.