What rhetorical strategy does Thomas Paine use?

What rhetorical strategy does Thomas Paine use?

Paine’s Purpose Paine uses common rhetorical devices such as personification, strong imagery, and allusions to appeal to his audience. Paine was addressing all of the worn out colonists who were discouraged and weary from fighting (emotionally or physically) the monarchy.

What two rhetorical strategies does he most clearly use here sir We have done everything?

The two rhetorical strategies he clearly uses here are i) parallelism and ii) pathos.

What are two rhetorical strategies?

Commonly used rhetorical strategies

  • Alliteration.
  • Amplification.
  • Anacoluthon.
  • Anadiplosis.
  • Antanagoge.
  • Apophasis.
  • Chiasmus.
  • Euphemism.

What literary devices does Thomas Paine use in common sense?

He uses different literary elements like triad, logos, pathos, tone, themes, and symbolism in the pamphlet Common Sense. The writing falls in its historical context as it was written at a time when America was living under the oppression of the British colonial powers.

Which of these rhetorical devices is most clearly used in the underlined portion of the text?

‘ The rhetorical device used in the underlined portion of the text is ‘Pathos. ‘ Pathos is the quality which arouses sadness or sympathy. It can also evoke compassion.

How could Thomas Paine argument have been used to convince colonists to declare independence from Great Britain?

Paine’s arguments were brilliant and straightforward. He argued two main points: 1) America should have independence from England, and 2) the new government should be a democratic republic. Paine avoided flowery language. He wrote like the people spoke, often quoting the Bible in his arguments.

How does Thomas Paine use ethos in common sense?

Paine begins by establishing a credible ethos that he adapts throughout the discussion. Paine “offers nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense” and Is not “Induced by motives of pride, party or resentment” because he Is unbiased In the topics discussed.