What problem do Parvana and her mother face on their search for father?

What problem do Parvana and her mother face on their search for father?

What problem does Parvana and her mother face on their search for Father? The problem was that Mother and Parvana were not allowed to talk to or see Father and the guards began beating them. How did they look for Father? The looked for Father by showing a photograph of father to people along the way to the prison.

Why does mother most likely ask Parvana if she wants to watch while she cuts her hair?

In paragraph 30, why does Mother most likely ask Parvana if she wants to watch while she cuts her hair? She wants to punish Parvana for resisting the idea.

What happened in Parvana Chapter 11?

Parvana breaks down in tears, clutching her Mother’s neck, and then she lets the cat out of the bag and tells her they were digging up graves. Mother is disgusted. The family has sunk to a new level, and now they’re digging up their ancestors. But Parvana tells her mother no, and—for once—Nooria has her back.

What happened to Parvana’s mother in Chapter 4?

Mother refuses Nooria’s help as she tears off her burqa and collapses onto a toshak. She sobs and allows Nooria to wash her dusty face and feet. Eventually, Mother falls asleep. Maryam turns to Parvana and does the same thing, wiping Parvana’s face and soaking her feet.

What happened to Parvana’s family?

Parvana’s life changed suddenly when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Both of her parents lost their jobs; her mother is unable to work because the Taliban has forbidden it, and her father’s high school was bombed during a raid.

Why did mother decide to go to jail to try to help father what was the walk to jail like?

Why did mother decide to go to jail to try to help Father? What was the walk to jail like? She wanted to ask for him to be released. Nooria had to write a note giving mother permission to be outside, as if she was the husband.

What happened in chapter 12 of Parvana?

Parvana remembers her parents arguing over leaving Afghanistan. Mother wanted to leave and Father wanted to stay, and Parvana always wondered why Mother didn’t just go. Now she understands, though—her mother couldn’t leave because she couldn’t take care of her four children.

What happens in Chapter 5 of the breadwinner?

The soldier is shocked by her defiance, giving Parvana just enough time to bolt, knocking over turnips in the process. As she runs through the streets, Parvana accidentally careens into a woman with a baby—but as luck would have it, it’s Mrs. Weera, a friend of Mother’s from the Afghan Women’s League.

What is Chapter 4 in the breadwinner about?

Nooria takes care of Mother, while Maryam carries water to Parvana for her to clean her face and soak her feet. Parvana tries to talk to Nooria, but falls asleep. She dreams about the soldiers hitting her and Mother—she can’t help Mother, even if she screams “I am Malali” (4.21).

Who is Parvana’s mother in the breadwinner by Deborah Ellis?

In the chapter, Parvana’s mother, Nooria, and Mrs. Weera, Parvana’s mother’s friend, want to cut Parvana’s hair and disguise her as a boy so that she can got to the market and buy food without getting caught.

How did Parvana take over her father’s job?

In this chapter, Parvana takes over the job her father used to have. She goes to market, sits on the blanket, and reads and writes for people. She tried to sell a few items, and then she shops for food. She was to say she was Father’s nephew, Kaseem, and not tell Father was in jail.

Why does Parvana spend four days sleeping in the graveyard?

She spends four days sleeping and only gets up when an old friend, Mrs. Weera, arrives to help share the work load around the house. A proud and righteous woman, Mother doesn’t want Parvana to dig up bones in the graveyard.

How old is Parvana in the book Parvana?

Parvana : 10 years old girl who seems smart and likes to read. She always fights with siblings. Father : History teacher who is intelligent and believes in women’s right. Mother : Before Taliban ruled Afghanistan, she was a writer for a radio station. Now, who feels bored inside the house.