What Pokemon level up with stones?

What Pokémon level up with stones?

Fire, Water, and Thunder Stones evolve Pokémon of the corresponding Pokémon types, for example Vulpix, Staryu, and Pikachu, respectively. The Moon Stone evolves fairy-like Pokémon, like Clefairy, Nidorino, and Nidorina. Leaf Stones evolve Grass-types, such as Exeggcute and Weepinbell.

What Gen 1 Pokémon evolve with a stone?

Generation 1 (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow) The Evolution Stones debuted in Pokémon Red and Blue, with the Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, and Water Stone. The Evolution Stones were closely associated with the Eevee line. The Fire Stone is used to evolve Eevee into Flareon, Vulpix into Ninetales, and Growlithe into Arcanine.

How do you get evolution stones in Heartgold?

2 Answers

  1. Fire Stone. Bill’s grandfather, School Kid Alan (Route 36), Bug-Catching Contest first prize, Pokéathlon Dome, Warm Beach.
  2. Water Stone.
  3. Thunder Stone.
  4. Leaf Stone.
  5. Moon Stone.
  6. Sun Stone.
  7. Shiny Stone.
  8. Dusk Stone.

What kind of stone do you use to evolve Pokemon?

Generation 2 introduced the Sun Stone, while Generation 4 added the Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone and Oval Stone to the mix. To evolve a Pokémon via stone, simply select the item to use in your bag, then select the Pokémon to apply it to – they will evolve straight away.

Where do you get oval stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

Oval Stone = You can only get this if your Mom purchases it. Protector = Mt. Mortar. Razor Claw = Battle Frontier. Razor Fang = Battle Frontier. Shiny Stone = Route 14 via a call. As a prize in the Pokethlon and the Bug Catching Contest. Sun Stone = Route 13 via a call.

Where to find all the evolution items in HeartGold?

Top Voted Answer. All of the Evolution Items can be found in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Here’s the list. Dawn Stone = Can be found in Route 17 after a call.

Where to find Dawn Stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dawn Stone = Can be found in Route 17 after a call. It’s also available as a prize for the Bug Catching Contest and the Pokethlon. Deepseascale = Route 20. Wild Relicanth, Chinchou and Lanturn will have this as a possible item that they’re holding. Deaseatooth = Route 20. Wild Carvanha and Sharpedo will possibly be holding this as an item.