What plants and animals do giraffes live with?

What plants and animals do giraffes live with?

Among the grazers are the zebra, Cape buffalo and all of the many species of antelope. Loftiest among the browsers is the giraffe, followed by the gerenuk, which sometimes is called the “giraffe gazelle” because of its long, elegant neck. Elephants eat grass and leaves, along with tree bark.

What does a giraffe need in its habitat?

In order to get the food they need, giraffes have to live in a habitat that meets certain conditions, such as having tall trees and plenty of space. You might be surprised to learn that, although giraffes often eat leaves from tall trees, they do not like to live in most forests. Forests are too crowded with trees.

What plants do giraffes eat?

Giraffe are predominantly browsers and mainly eat leaves and buds on trees and shrubs. They will also eat herbs, climbers and vines, and prefer flowers and fruit when in season. The proportion of grass in their diet is very low.

Why do giraffes live in grasslands?

Giraffes reside in savannas, open woodlands or grasslands. This is because those areas are rich in acacia growth. It is a genus of shrubs and trees which giraffes feed on, and which forms part of their staple diet. Giraffes are mostly found in East Africa and Southwestern Africa, especially Angola and Zambia.

Do giraffes have a shelter?

They require a food and water source, shelter and enough space to move. Giraffes and elephants need cover for protection from weather and predators, whereas lions only use shelter to escape the elements (with the exception of hiding vulnerable lion cubs).

Do giraffes eat grass?

What fruit do giraffes eat?

Prickly Pears: This plant is full of sharp spines of various sizes which makes it very difficult for most animals to eat it. Giraffes will feed on these plants during winter when they need some extra nutrients. The fruit of a prickly pear are eaten by monkeys, baboons, some antelope and even humans.