What period does the Middle Kingdom follow in ancient Egypt?

What period does the Middle Kingdom follow in ancient Egypt?

The Middle Kingdom designates a period of ancient Egyptian civilization stretching from approximately 2030 to 1650 B.C. (Dynasty 11 through Dynasty 13).

What were some of the changes and advancements during the Middle Kingdom period?

Another advancement/adjustment that was made during the Middle Kingdom was the sea-faring expeditions. These sea-faring expeditions required thousands of men and careful planning to avoid disruption with Kerma. Irrigation was another important project that took place during the late 12th dynasty.

How long did the Middle Kingdom period of Egyptian civilization last?

Why did the Old Kingdom period in ancient Egypt come to an end?

There were several factors that contributed to the decline of the Old Kingdom, but the most important issue was the erosion of the authority of the Pharaoh and the accompanying growing power of the nobility and priesthood. This led to the decentralization of power in Egypt and constant power struggles and civil war.

When was the Middle Kingdom of Egypt established?

Middle Kingdom Egypt is the period in history directly following the First Intermediate Period, a period largely characterized by political disunity. It was established with the reunification of Egypt in the 11th dynasty around 2055 BC and its culture produced some of its greatest and most renowned works of art and literature.

How did the Middle Kingdom change over time?

While the king was once more regarded as the supreme head of state, his subordinate officials retained some of their former power which helped ease the transition of the Middle Kingdom into its “Classical Era.” These changes are most clearly seen in the art and literature styles of the 12th dynasty.

What was the First Intermediate Period in Egypt?

The First Intermediate Period introduced independent wealth to the Egyptian nomes that never quite existed in the highly centralized Old Kingdom government, and those changes remained upon the installation of Middle Kingdom Egypt.

What was life like in Middle Kingdom Egypt?

Mortuary complexes, temples, and stelae were still constructed at this time, but the impetus that defined the Golden Age of Middle Kingdom Egypt was no longer there. None of the kings had the strength of the 12th dynasty rulers.