What medical term means brain?

What medical term means brain?

CEPHAL- head. encephal = the brain, en(in) cephal (the head) MENING- membrane.

Which medical term is a root word meaning of the brain?

Word: cerebrum. Meaning: pertaining to the cerebral hemispheres that make up the brain. Root: callos.

Which medical term combining form means head?

Combining form meaning head: cephal/o.

What is a definition for Brain?

1 : the part of the nervous system that is inside the skull, consists of grayish nerve cells and whitish nerve fibers, and is the organ of thought and the central control point for the nervous system. 2 : the ability to think : intelligence. 3 : someone who is very smart.

What is meant by the term brain in psychology?

The brain is the organ located within the skull that is responsible for cognition, mental processes, and control of the body and its functions. It is the location of perception, ideas, thoughts, conscious movement, and unconscious body functions like heart rate and digestion.

What is a root medical term?

The root or stem of a medical term usually has been derived from a Greek or Latin noun or verb. This root expresses the basic meaning of the term. However, often that meaning will be modified by the addition of a prefix (at the beginning of the word) or the addition of a suffix (at the end of the word).

What does the combining form KAL I mean?

kal/o, kal/i. 2 combining forms for potassium.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning brain?

Encephalo-is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “brain.” It is often used in medical terms, especially in anatomy . Encephalo- comes from the Greek enképhalos, meaning “brain.”

What is combining form in medical terms?

Combining Forms with Medical Terminology. A combining form is the combination of a root with a combining vowel. Example: ARTHR/O “ARTHR” is the root, and the “O” is the combining vowel.

What does combining form Acro mean?

acro-. a combining form with the meanings “height,” “tip end,” “extremities of the body,” used in the formation of compound words: acrophobia.

What does the combining form orbit-o mean?

tonometry . The combining form orbit/o- means: eye socket. Red, painful swelling or pimple containing pus near the edge of the eyelid from a bacterial infection in a sebaceous gland is known as: hordeolum.