What kind of bank is Suncorp?

What kind of bank is Suncorp?

Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia….Suncorp Group.

Type Public
Industry General insurance Banking Life insurance Superannuation Wealth management
Founded 1996
Headquarters Brisbane, Australia
Area served Australia and New Zealand

Who does Suncorp bank with?

Metway Bank
Suncorp, owned by the Queensland Government and QIDC merged with Metway Bank to create Suncorp Metway, Australia’s fifth largest listed financial services group. Queensland Government was the largest shareholder of the new group with a 68 per cent holding.

What is Suncorp known for?

It’s based on a strong conviction: we are building a sustainable and responsible financial services Group, helping our customers, people, shareholders and communities to prosper. We offer insurance, banking and wealth products and services through some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised financial brands.

Is Suncorp safe?

The Suncorp App uses a range of security features including real-time fraud detection, security encryption and multi-factor authentication (we check both your login details and the device with which you’re connecting).

Is Suncorp a bank or building society?

Suncorp Bank

Formerly Metropolitan Permanent Building Society Metway Bank (1959–1996)
Type Subsidiary
Industry Banking, financial services
Founded 1902
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Is Suncorp a regional bank?

Suncorp has two key assets: a national general insurance business and a small regional bank.

How many customers do Suncorp have?

nine million customers
Finance giant Suncorp is the country’s largest general insurance group, servicing over nine million customers across Australia and New Zealand and holding a reported $96 billion in assets.

Is Suncorp a bank?

Suncorp Bank is a part of the Suncorp Group, with head offices in Brisbane, Australia. From its beginnings in 1902 as the Queensland Agricultural Bank, Suncorp Bank has grown into the sixth largest bank in Australia.

Is Suncorp a big 4?

Queensland took risks and developed its industries and strengthened its banking sector. From the ashes of the 1893 crisis came a strong Queensland banking sector that today boasts four of Australia’s big banking institutions – Suncorp Bank, Bank of Queensland, CUA and Heritage Bank.

How good is Suncorp Bank?

Suncorp is a very good reliable bank I have banked with them all my working life and have never had any problems. The only drawback is there are not as many branches as other banks.

Is Suncorp Australia wide?

Where is the head office of Suncorp Bank?

Key people. Suncorp Bank is a part of the Suncorp Group, with head offices in Brisbane, Australia. From its beginnings in 1902 as the Queensland Agricultural Bank, Suncorp Bank has grown into the fifth largest bank in Australia.

When did Suncorp Bank start offering mobile banking?

In early 2009, Suncorp Bank launched the first iteration of their Mobile Banking App for the iPhone (mobile banking for Nokia phones had been available from April 2008). In December 2009, Suncorp entered into a partnership with Bendigo Bank to offer customers better access to ATMs.

When did Suncorp Bank change its name to Gio?

On 1 July 2002, the brand was simplified to Suncorp (i.e. Metway was dropped). This branding was used for everything done in Queensland, as well as for Banking and Wealth Management outside of Queensland. The GIO brand was used for general insurance business outside of Queensland.

How big was Suncorp Bank when it merged with QIDC?

At the time of the merger, Suncorp and QIDC were 100% Queensland Government owned. Suncorp was operating as an allfinanz group with approximately $10 billion in assets, while QIDC had total assets of $3 billion. Metway Bank was Queensland’s largest locally based bank with operations in New South Wales and Victoria.