What jobs were common in the Victorian times?

What jobs were common in the Victorian times?

Jobs In The Victorian Era: A to Z

  • Ashman. Dustman, or Refuse Collector.
  • Beadsman. A person employed to pray for his employer, or the inhabitant of an almshouse, poorhouse or hospital.
  • Claker. A magician or astrologer.
  • Dog Whipper.
  • Expressman.
  • Faker.
  • Groundsel & Chickweed Seller.
  • Hoggard.

What were rich Victorians jobs?

Rich Victorian men had jobs such as doctors, lawyers, bankers and factory owners. Until near the end of the Victorian era, parents had to pay to send their children to school. This meant that many poor children received no education and could neither read not write.

What did people do in the Victorian era?

These 14 Stomach-Turning Victorian-Era Jobs Led To Everything From Phossy Jaw To Death 1. Dog Poop Collectors. The feces they collected was given the unassuming name “pure” and sold to tanners who used it to… 2. Tanners. Using the “pure” for dye while tanning hides was just one layer of the awful

What did doctors do in the Victorian era?

The cure given during the Victorian era was “pelvic massage” by doctors in order to induce “hysterical paroxysm” — also known as an orgasm. Apparently doctors got fed up with the strain of manually treating women themselves that they invented the first mechanical vibrators during this time. 13. Workhouse Inmates

What did street sweepers do in the Victorian era?

Like with chimneys, street sweepers back in the Victorian era were mostly young boys along with elderly men and women. They would sweep a path for pedestrians in the hopes of earning a small gratuity. Wealthier residents frequently saw them as more of a nuisance and little more than beggars.

What did knocker ups do in Victorian times?

Given the quirky name of “knocker-ups,” these individuals would rise at an ungodly hour before the rest of the town to make their rounds knocking on wealthier residents doors in the days before alarm clocks existed. That meant withstanding any rain or snow and often falling seriously ill as a result of the stress and climate. 11. Rat Catchers