What is wrong with Sinjin in victorious?

What is wrong with Sinjin in victorious?

He later hooks up with Gabriella. He was in Robbie Sells Rex. Sinjin appeared as part of Tori’s team in Brain Squeezers. Though he answered his questions correctly, he was accidentally doinked by a malfunction.

Where is Sinjin from victorious?

Michael Eric “Mikey” Reid is an American teen actor, who is best known for his role as Sinjin Van Cleef on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. Reid was born in the Bronx, New York at Jacobi Hospital….

Michael Eric Reid
Character: Sinjin Van Cleef
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 2003 – present

Why is Cat Valentine so dumb on Victorious?

As a person, Cat was very loving and kind, but don’t let her soft exterior fool you. Cat was also very short-tempered and became distracted very easily. She was extremely stubborn when it came to accepting criticism well and would often get angry. And on top of all this, she was also dim-witted.

What is Sinjin’s real name?

Michael Eric Reid
Michael “Mikey” Eric Reid (born December 30, 1992) is an American actor. He appeared on Saturday Night Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Late Show with David Letterman and other television shows. From 2010 to 2013 he played Sinjin Van Cleef on Victorious….

Michael Eric Reid
Parent(s) Jackie Reid, Michael Eric Reid

What is Sinjin’s last name?

Sinjin. Sinjin Van Cleef (portrayed by Michael Eric Reid) is a strange and questionable student at Hollywood Arts.

Who is Sinjin Van Cleef in the movie victorious?

Sinjin Van Cleef (portrayed by Michael Eric Reid) is a strange and questionable student at Hollywood Arts. He is nerdy, disturbing, and very weird, often considered stranger than even Robbie or Cat; his locker has his chewed up food on it and he also likes to collect the teeth of past presidents’ relatives.

Who are the characters in trinjin from Victorious?

Trinjin is the pairing of Trina Vega and Sinjin Van Cleef ( Trin /a and Sin/ jin ). Trina and Sinjin don’t often interact, but this pairing has a small fanbase, and Trina may be one of the characters most often shipped with Sinjin.

Why does Sinjin say his wife’s name is Trina?

During Sinjin’s rhyme at the end of the episode, he says “my wife’s name is Trina” suggesting that he has a romantic interest in her. In one of Sinjin’s poems for Jade, he said Trina scares him. His third love poem for Jade reads:

Who are the characters in the book Rinjin?

Rinjin is the pairing of Robbie Shapiro and Sinjin Van Cleef ( R /obbie and S/ injin ). They’re both geeks, who’re known to be weird, and they seem to act like friends. However, Sinjin does sometimes con Robbie, and vice versa.