What is Uncle bright star dream in Dragonwings?

What is Uncle bright star dream in Dragonwings?

He’s a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of guy who’s worked hard to earn what he has. He knows what it’s like to not have people to count on, so he cherishes the Company and the dream of brotherhood that it offers. Windrider’s dream of flying can be seen as a threat to this dream of camaraderie and shared goals.

What is Uncle Bright Star’s reaction to this news?

Uncle Bright Star is upset by this news; he sees all these accounts of flying as bullsugar. He accuses Windrider for being too deep in a fantasy world, and ends up spilling the beans that Windrider is hoping to bring Moon Shadow’s mom over from China.

How does Uncle bright star feel about Windrider’s dream of wanting to fly?

Uncle and father constantly fight over Windrider’s ambitions to fly. Uncle thinks the dream is foolish, and is hurt badly when father decides to leave the Company.

Why does Uncle bright star take responsibility for paying back black dog’s stolen money?

Windrider’s Claws (February, 1904-May, 1905) Uncle Bright Star tries to figure out how he’ll pay back the money Black Dog stole. He claims that Whiskey Devil, the head of the Justices, owes him a favor from a while back, so he won’t have to pay him that much.

What happens in the end of Dragonwings?

Lesson Summary Chapter 12 is the end of the novel Dragonwings and the end of the flying machine that Windrider has built. Although his horoscope seems correct that the weather is right and Windrider is able to fly, his journey ends in a crash and the destruction of his flying machine.

Why does Uncle Bright Star take responsibility for paying back black dog’s stolen money?

How old is Uncle Bright Star in Dragonwings?

Dragonwings- The Cast of Characters

Miss Whitlaw house owner who rents out rooms, friendly and respectful
Red Rabbit horse that pulled the wagon
Uncle Bright Star Father figure of the company and the oldest member (80ish), Black Dog’s father
White Deer 60 years old, Mother figure, the cook

What does the company do in Dragonwings?

Here there is a building that belongs to the Company of the Peach Orchard Vow, the Company to which his father and Uncle Bright Star belong. The Company runs a laundry out of the first floor of the building and provides housing for its owners and workers upstairs.

What did uncle Bright Star give Moon Shadow?

Lefty presents him with a wide-brimmed hat, Uncle Bright Star gives him leather boots, and White Deer gives him clothes. Finally, it is time for Father’s gift. Unlike the other presents, Father does not give Moon Shadow something for his body.

Who is the head of the company in Dragonwings?

The Company is in a three-story building in the neighborhood where the Tang people live. The head of the Company is Uncle Bright Star. Uncle is the oldest in the Company, and one of three owners. White Deer, the second-oldest uncle, is a partner and the cook.

Who is black dog in Dragonwings Book 1?

Black Dog, Uncle Bright Star’s son, is a violent man who suffers from an addiction to opium. He assaults Moon Shadow and steals the laundry payments Moon Shadow had collected, and later he attacks Moon Shadow and holds a knife to his throat, robbing him once more.

Who are the main characters in Dragonwings The book?

Moon Shadow is brave and loyal, and he ends his story as a young teenager. Windrider Lee is Moon Shadow’s father. He dreams of flying, and Moon Shadow helps him build and launch an airplane, which they name Dragonwings. Mother is Moon Shadow’s mother and Windrider’s wife.