What is the stalk that holds a flower?

What is the stalk that holds a flower?

Peduncle: The stalk of a flower. Receptacle: The part of a flower stalk where the parts of the flower are attached.

Is stalk a part of a plant?

the stem or main axis of a plant. any slender supporting or connecting part of a plant, as the petiole of a leaf, the peduncle of a flower, or the funicle of an ovule.

What is the structure of stamen?

Stamens are the male reproductive organs of flowering plants. They consist of an anther, the site of pollen development, and in most species a stalk-like filament, which transmits water and nutrients to the anther and positions it to aid pollen dispersal.

What are stamens short answer?

The stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower. It produces the pollen. The stamen has two parts: anther and stalk. The stalk is also called a filament. The anther contains microsporangia.

Where is the stamen located on a flower?

A stamen looks like a long slender stalk usually found in the middle of the flower. It is the male part of a flower. What part of the flower make up a stamen?

What is the thin stalk of the stamen?

The stamens are the male reproductive structure. The thin stalk of the stamen is called the filament. Pollen is produced in the anther, at the top of the filament. Trending Questions five-sixths of a mile is one-third of the drive to school. how far is the drive to school?

Which is part of the stalk holds the anther?

The stalk part is called the filament.The filament hold the anther.These two parts make up the stamen. What two parts make a stamen? A stamen is comprised of a filament (stalk) and an anther.

What do you call the stalk of a flower?

The stalk supporting a single flower is called a pedicel, that supporting an inflorescence, or an isolated flower, a peduncle. Anther: The pollen-bearing body of the stamen, usually relatively compact, and supported at the end of the narrow filament. Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what is a stalk in a flower?