What is the ratio 12/3 equivalent to?

What is the ratio 12/3 equivalent to?

Note that the ratio 12 to 3 is said to be equivalent to the ratio 4 to 1, that is 12:3 = 4:1. Note also that a fraction is a number that stands for “part of something”, so although this ratio can be expressed as a fraction, in this case it does NOT represent “part of something”.

Are the ratios 15 12 and 5 4 equivalent?

These fractions are equivalent because they can both be divided by the same numbers.

What is the equivalent ratio for 2 5?

So, 2:5 is equivalent to 6:15.

Which of the following ratio is not equivalent to 10 5?

Answer: 1:2 is not equivalent….

Which is the equivalent ratio of 5 to 6?

The three equivalent ratios are, Therefore, 10: 12, 15: 18, 20: 24 are three equivalent ratios of 5: 6. Q.5. Write the ratio equivalent to 2: 5 with consequent 25. Ans: Let us write the ratio in fraction form that is 2 5.

Is there an equivalent ratio calculator for free?

Equivalent Ratio Calculator. The equivalent ratio is a free online tool that displays whether the two given ratios are equal or not. BYJU’S online equivalent ratio calculator tool makes the calculations faster and easier where it displays the value in a fraction of seconds.

Is there an equivalent ratio calculator for decimal values?

The equivalent ratio calculator will process decimal ratio values, try entering 2.5:10 into this ratio calculator. After using the Equivalent Ratio Calculator, other users found these ratio calculators useful: As we previously mentioned, Equivalent Ratios are two ratios that express the same relationship between numbers.

Is the ratio 3 : 5 and 15 : 25 equal?

The given ratios 3: 5 and 15: 25 are equal. Because when you divide the ratio 15: 25 by 5 on both numerator and denominator, the first ratio 3: 5 can be obtained. Similarly, when you multiply the first ratio 3: 5 by 5, the ratio 15: 25 can be obtained. A bag contains 5 red balls and 7 white balls.