What is the purpose of Sears Tower?

What is the purpose of Sears Tower?

In order to consolidate current staff and accommodate anticipated growth, the company hired SOM to design a three-million-square-foot office tower. The location of the tower was strategically selected for its proximity to expressways and commuter rail lines to benefit Sears employees.

Why is it called Sears Tower?

The Willis Tower was renamed in 2009 after the insurance broker Willis Group Holdings leased the naming rights. The Sears Tower was opened in 1973 and is 1,730 feet tall, including its antenna. It was originally named for retailer Sears, Roebuck & Co., which moved its headquarters to Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Is the Sears Tower the tallest building in Chicago?

The tallest building in the city is the 110-story Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which rises 1,451 feet (442 m) in the Chicago Loop and was completed in 1974….Tallest buildings.

Rank 1
Name Willis Tower
Height ft (m) 1,451 (442)
Floors 108
Year 1974

Where are the Sears Towers?


Willis Tower
Location 233 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois 60606 United States
Coordinates 41°52′44″N 87°38′09″WCoordinates: 41°52′44″N 87°38′09″W
Current tenants United Airlines
Named for Willis Towers Watson Sears (1973–2009)

Is Sears Tower still called?

In 1988, Sears Roebuck and Company sold and moved out of the building, but the Sears Tower name remained until 2009 when the building was renamed after the Willis Group, a London- based global insurance broker. Skydeck Chicago is the observation deck on the 103rd floor of the building.

When was the Sears Tower built?

Willis Tower/Construction started

What is on top of the Sears Tower?

At the very top of the building are antennas with airline warning strobe lights that flash 40 times a minute. Visible to pilots over great distances, the lamps are changed about every 18 months by a climber who scales the antenna towers.

What was the purpose of the Sears Tower being built?

Why was the Sears Tower built? The reason for the construction of this massive commercial structure in 1969 was to consolidate numerous Chicago area employees of Sears, Roebuck & Co . under one building. As the biggest retailer in the world during that time, the company has a whopping 350,000 employees within this particular area alone.

How much did the Sears Tower cost?

It was topped with two antennas for television and radio broadcasting. Sears and the City of Chicago approved the design and the first steel was put in place in April 1971. The structure was completed in May 1973. The construction cost about US$150 million, equivalent to $860 million in 2021 dollars.

Is the Sears Tower taller than twin towers?

When complete, the Center met with mixed reviews, but at 1,368 and 1,362 feet and 110 stories each, the twin towers were the world’s tallest, and largest, buildings until the Sears Tower surpassed them both in 1974.

How many floors does the Sears Tower have?

Regarded as one of the tallest buildings all over the world, many people are interested to find out the reason for the construction of the Sears Tower, which started from 1970 and lasted until 1973. Comprised of 108 floors, it is situated at 233 S. Wacker Drive within Chicago in Illinois.