What is the population of Bratislava 2021?

What is the population of Bratislava 2021?

Bratislava Population 2021

Year Population Growth
2022 439,070 1,950
2021 437,120 2,194
2020 434,926 2,418
2019 432,508 2,588

Is Bratislava a big city?

The city has a total area of 367.58 square kilometres (141.9 sq mi), making it the second-largest city in Slovakia by area (after the township of Vysoké Tatry). Bratislava straddles the Danube River, along which it had developed and for centuries the chief transportation route to other areas.

What language do they speak in Bratislava?

Slovak language

Native to Slovakia, Hungary, Carpathian Ruthenia
Ethnicity Slovaks
Native speakers 5.2 million (2011–2012)
Language family Indo-European Balto-Slavic Slavic West Slavic Czech–Slovak Slovak

Is Bratislava a good place to live?

Bratislava, Slovakia, features a very safe living environment. Our data reflects that this city has a good ranking in housing and cost of living. Bratislava is one of the top ten city matches for 1.7% of Teleport users.

What is a good salary in Bratislava?

The average salary in Bratislava is considerably higher than other cities in the country. You can expect to earn even more if you have been offered a job in Slovakia as an expat. Currently the net average wage in the Bratislava is of approximately 1150 euros per month.

What’s the capital of Czech Republic?


Government. Prague is the seat of government of the entire Czech Republic. The city is also the administrative centre for the Central Bohemian Region, of which the conurbation occupies about one-third.

What is the average population of Bratislava Slovakia?

The average population density was 1,157 inhabitants/km 2 (2,997/mi²). The most populous district is Bratislava V with 121,259 inhabitants, followed by Bratislava II with 108,139, Bratislava IV with 93,058, Bratislava III with 61,418 and Bratislava I with 44,798.

Which is the capital of the country of Slovakia?

Bratislava Map – Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It also has a population of 450 thousand people. Bratislava is the largest city in the country. Bratislava is located south of Slovakia and on both sides of the Danube River. Bratislava is a small but sympathetic city. It is also a city that contains historical and natural beauties.

Where does Bratislava rank in the European Union?

In 2017, Bratislava was ranked as the third richest region of the European Union by GDP (PPP) per capita (after Hamburg and Luxembourg City). GDP at purchasing power parity is about three times higher than in other Slovak regions.

What was the population of Slovakia in 2021?

As of 1 January 2021, the population of Slovakia was estimated to be 5,462,210 people. This is an increase of 0.07 % (3,875 people) compared to population of 5,458,335 the year before.