What is the point of shot put?

What is the point of shot put?

Shot Put is played with a heavy spherical object popularly known as shot. The aim is to throw the shot-put as far as possible through a pushing action. It requires immense muscular strength and a good balance upon your body.

How heavy is a shot put?

16 pounds
The men’s shot weighs 7.26 kg (16 pounds) and is 110–130 mm (4.3–5.1 inches) in diameter. Women put a 4-kg (8.82-pound) shot that is 95–110 mm (3.7–4.3 inches) in diameter.

WHAT IS shot put called?

Shot put is a track-and-field event in which athletes try to throw a heavy ball as far as they can. Competitors in shot put can be called shot-putters. The shot put is one of the “field” events in track and field, which also include other events in which objects are thrown as far as possible, namely discus and javelin.

What are the skills in shot put?

Basic Shot Put Technique (Shot Put Learn-By-Doing)

  • Holding the shot put. The shot is held at the base of the fingers, not the palm. The fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support.
  • Neck placement. Raise the shot above your head. Lower the shot straight down until it is under your jaw.

What is shot put for kids?

Shot put is an athletics sport where people try to “put” a heavy weighted ball as far as they can. They are not allowed to throw it, but instead they push the ball out into the air. They “put” the ball by holding it at their neck and pushing it through the air.

How Is shot put done?

Place the shot at the base of your fingers, not the palm. Spread your fingers slightly apart and use your thumb to prevent the shot from rolling off. Press the shot to the area of the neck beneath your jaw. Keep your elbow high, so that it appears horizontal to your shoulders.

How does shot put work?

To initiate the throw they kick to the front with the left leg, while pushing off forcefully with the right. As the thrower crosses the circle, the hips twist toward the front, the left arm is swung out then pulled back tight, followed by the shoulders, and they then strike in a putting motion with their right arm.

What are the rules for shot put?

Basic Shot Put Rules. Shot put is a track and field event that requires you to push a heavy metal ball as far as you can away from your body. The distance is recorded and measured against other contestants. If you are a man, your shot put ball must weight 16 lbs. If you are a female contestant, your ball must weight 8.8 lbs.

What is the history of shot put?

Shot put competitions were recorded in early 19th century Scotland and were a part of the British Amateur Championships beginning in 1866. Shot put was an original modern Olympic event, with American Robert Garrett winning at the Athens Games in 1896.

What is the average shot put throw?

Under IAAF rules, senior men throw a 7.26-kg shot (slightly more than 16 pounds), but young boys use a 5-kg shot (11 pounds). Women and girls of all ages throw a 4-kg shot (8.8 pounds), under IAAF rules. In the long run, of course, strength has its advantages.

How do you throw a shot put?

To throw a shot put, first face the side of the ring so you’re at a 90° angle from the target. Then, step back with your less-dominant foot, and lower your body by bending your hips and knees. Put the shot at the base of your fingers, then hold the shot at your neck with your elbow bent and parallel to the floor.