What is the Oregon state motto?

What is the Oregon state motto?

Alis volat propriis
Motto, State “She Flies With Her Own Wings” was adopted by the 1987 Legislature as the Oregon state motto. The phrase originated with Judge Jesse Quinn Thornton and was pictured on the territorial seal in Latin: Alis Volat Propriis.

Who was the governor in Oregon in the 70s?

1970 Oregon gubernatorial election

Nominee Tom McCall Robert Straub
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 369,964 293,892
Percentage 55.6% 44.2%

How many terms can a governor serve in Oregon?

Governor of Oregon

Governor of the State of Oregon
Residence Mahonia Hall
Term length Four years, limited to 2 consecutive terms with no limit on total number of terms
Inaugural holder John Whiteaker
Formation February 14, 1859 (Constitution of Oregon)

When did Native Americans arrive in Oregon?

The first overland exploration was made by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of the Corps of Discovery (1804-1806). They entered Oregon via the Snake River on October 16, 1805 and wintered at Fort Clatsop on the Columbia River among the Clatsop Indians.

Who established Oregon?

In the 1500s, European explorers such as Sir Francis Drake spotted the coastline of Oregon, but did not set foot on land. Both Spain and Great Britain laid claim to the land. In 1792, American explorer Captain Robert Gray came upon the Columbia River and named the river after his ship.

Who was the Governor of Oregon in 1903?

Theodore Thurston Geer. Theodore Thurston Geer (March 12, 1851 – February 21, 1924) was the tenth Governor of Oregon (the first born in the territory of the state), serving from January 9, 1899 to January 14, 1903.

Who is the oldest living governor of Oregon?

* Denotes those offices that the governor resigned to take. , there are four former governors of Oregon who are currently living, the oldest governor of Oregon being Barbara Roberts (served 1991–1995, born 1936).

What was the first elected government in Oregon?

The meetings at Champoeg led up to the first constitution of the Oregon Country and several petitions for U.S. territorial status. The resulting acts also created this body as a provisional government for the region. The first executives of this government were a three-person, elected committee known as the Executive Committee.

When did the state of Oregon become a state?

Congress grants Oregon statehood on February 14, becoming only state admitted to Union with exclusion laws in their constitution Laws passed banning interracial marriages; requiring Blacks, Chinese, Hawaiians (Kanakas) and Mulattos to pay annual $5 tax, those not able to pay required to perform road maintenance