What is the name of the state insect?

What is the name of the state insect?

The Dogface Butterfly, Zerene eurydice, was officially adopted as the state insect of California in 1929.

What is the most common official state insect?

The Most Common US State Butterflies and Insects The European honeybee is an official state insect for seventeen states because the bee plays a crucial role in agriculture.

What is the national bug?

No, the United States does not have a national insect. Congress did consider naming the monarch butterfly as the national insect, but the legislation did not pass.

What is the Texas state insect?

The monarch butterfly
Texas is home to more butterfly species than any other state—at least 400. The monarch butterfly was designated the state insect in 1995.

What states have a state insect?


State State insect Year
Arkansas European honey bee (state insect) 1973
Diana fritillary butterfly (state butterfly) 2007
California California dogface butterfly (state butterfly) 1972
Colorado Colorado hairstreak 1996

Does Connecticut have a state insect?

The European “praying” mantis (family: Mantidae, order: Orthoptera) officially became the State Insect on October 1, 1977. The European mantis is not native to Connecticut. …

Does Michigan have a state insect?

Michigan is one of two states without an official state insect. The monarch butterfly is the official insect in seven states, including Illinois and Minnesota.

Does New York have a state insect?

New York’s state insect, the nine-spotted lady beetle, rediscovered in eastern U.S. after 14 elusive years.

Which state has the least amount of insects and Bugs?

Since it’s virtually impossible to get an exact insect count, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which areas of the country have the fewest bugs. However, based on homeowner perception from the Infogroup ORC, the 10 states believed to have the least pest issues are: Washington DC. South Dakota.

What state is the honeybee the state insect?

Official State Insect of Georgia . The honeybee was designated official state insect of Georgia in 1975 to acknowledge the insect’s contribution to the state’s economy through honey production and aiding pollination of more than 50 Georgia crops. Georgia also recognizes an official state butterfly. Bee pollination is critical to plant and human survival – beeswax and honey are just surplus gifts from this tiny wonder of nature.

What are Tennessee State insects?

Braconid Wasp

  • Common Eastern Bumble Bee
  • Cuckoo Bee
  • Cuckoo Wasp
  • Eastern Carpenter Bee
  • European Hornet
  • European Paper Wasp
  • Formica Ant
  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp: atrata
  • Great Golden Digger Wasp
  • What is the official state insect of Wisconsin?

    Official State Insect of Wisconsin. Wisconsin designated the honeybee as official state insect in 1977. The bill to adopt an official insect symbol for Wisconsin was introduced at the request of the third grade class of Holy Family School of Marinette and the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association…