What is the meaning of Runga?

What is the meaning of Runga?

Runga is a genus of South Pacific araneomorph spiders in the Physoglenidae family, first described by Raymond Robert Forster in 1990.

What is a Dunga Runga?

: a small Australian tree (Notelaea ovata) yielding a very hard wood used for tool handles — compare axbreaker.

What is onara Japanese?

While it is true that Japanese has many first person pronouns, the word “onara” is definitely not one of them, though it sounds one since the below are all valid pronouns meaning “I”: ore. ora.

What does the word Runanga mean?

In Māori culture, a rūnanga (runaka in Southern Māori dialect) is a council, tribal council, assembly, board or boardroom. The term can also be a verb meaning “to discuss in an assembly”.

What is the difference between Whanaungatanga and Whakawhanaungatanga?

Whakawhanaungatanga – Getting to know each other Sometimes in education settings, we use the word to talk about a process of getting to know each other. This is called whakawhanaungatanga. Whanaungatanga describes the ‘glue’ that holds people together in any whānau relationships.

What is a Kaiwhakahaere?

kaiwhakahaere noun. administrator, manager, conductor, supervisor.

How is Whanaungatanga expressed in whānau?

We see Whanaungatanga in contemporary Tāmaki Makaurau expressed in many ways: in the customary practices and activities of ancestral and community marae, in access to forms of cultural support, in connections over the internet, and in sustaining connections with whānau.

What is Kaiawhina?

Kaiawhina is a Maori word commonly used in New Zealand as a title for a formal role in an. organisation, e.g. a job title. It is often written as one word. The online Maori Dictionary. spells it as kaiāwhina and defines it as assistant or helper.

What is kaimahi?

1. (noun) worker, employee, clerk, staff.

How do you promote Whanaungatanga?

To promote whanaungatanga, arts teachers communicate a belief in the capacity of all students as learners and achievers. Teachers and students share work, successes, and challenges. They celebrate diverse abilities and individual excellence.