What is the meaning of Deoxyribo nucleic acid?

What is the meaning of Deoxyribo nucleic acid?

Listen to pronunciation. (dee-OK-see-RY-boh-noo-KLAY-ik A-sid) The molecules inside cells that carry genetic information and pass it from one generation to the next. Also called DNA.

What does double helix stand for?

DNA molecule
Double helix is the description of the structure of a DNA molecule. A DNA molecule consists of two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. Each strand has a backbone made of alternating groups of sugar (deoxyribose) and phosphate groups.

What does the deoxy in deoxyribonucleic acid DNA mean?

The term “deoxy” refers to the fact that there is no oxygen attached to the 2′ carbon atom. There is a molecule that is similar to DNA but has an oxygen atom at this position.

What are the 4 initials of the proteins that make up your DNA code?

​Genetic Code The instructions in a gene that tell the cell how to make a specific protein. A, C, G, and T are the “letters” of the DNA code; they stand for the chemicals adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T), respectively, that make up the nucleotide bases of DNA.

Why deoxy is coined to the DNA molecule?

The sugar present in the DNA is 2’deoxyribose, a five carbon monosaccharide, which is devoid of oxygen in its 2′ position, hence the name deoxyribonucleic acid.

Where does the name deoxyribo come from?

The name comes from its structure, which is a sugar and phosphate backbone which have bases sticking out from it–so-called bases. So that “deoxyribo” refers to the sugar and the nucleic acid refers to the phosphate and the bases.

What is the structure of a deoxyribose molecule?

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid is a polymer formed of many nucleic acids. Each nucleic acid is composed of a deoxyribose molecule bound to both a phosphate group and either a purine or a pyrimidine. Purines have two carbon and nitrogen rings, while pyrimidines only have one ring.

How does deoxyribose help form the phosphate backbone of DNA?

Deoxyribose Definition. Deoxyribose is the five-carbon sugar molecule that helps form the phosphate backbone of DNA molecules. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid is a polymer formed of many nucleic acids.

What is deoxyribonucleic acid and what does it do?

What is deoxyribonucleic acid? Deoxyribonucleic acid —better known by the abbreviation DNA —is a large, complex molecule that allows cells to function and carries the genetic code that determines the traits of a living organism. DNA is in every cell of every living thing. Some viruses also have DNA.