What is the legal age for paintball in Australia?

What is the legal age for paintball in Australia?

The legal age limit to play paintball varies across all states and territories of Australia. It ranges from a minimum age of 10 years old in South Australia, to 18 years of age in Victoria. As for NSW the legal paintball age is 16 years old.

Can a 12 year old own a paintball gun?

California law prohibits: Selling a paintball gun to a person under 18 years old without permission from their parents or legal guardian.

Can 10 year olds do paintball?

Most paintball facilities require that the minimum age of all players be 10 years old on the date of play. If you have players who are not quite 10 years old, there are other alternatives for younger players that offer the same thrill as a game of paintball.

Can a 10 year old play paintball Australia?

Players in Western Australia and South Australia as young as 12 years old can play the sport, as can kids throughout most paintballing countries around the world. Paintball is a game that requires teamwork, a good strategy and excellent communication skills in order to be victorious.

Is paintball legal in Australia?

“Paintball guns are completely legal in Australia, even though the projectiles are much larger.” Anyone wanting to own a paintball gun still needs to “be over 18, pass a fit and proper person assessment and undertake mandatory paintball marker safety training.”

What is the age limit for paintball?

What is the minimum age requirement to play? 10 years old and above.

Can a 5 year old do paintball?

Kid’s Paintball is for players aged 6-10 years old (with the exception being, a private group of 15 or more players). With the introduction of JT SplatMaster product we can now lower the age limit from 10 to 6 years (excluding Traditional & Low Impact Paintball).

What age can you paint ball?

The minimum age for our ‘main’ paintball is 10. This means all players must be at least 10 years of age to participate. The minimum age for our ‘mini’ paintball is 8. This means all players must be at least 8 years of age to participate.

How old do you have to be to go paintballing in Australia?

Like the UK, the age limit in Australia is also diverse. For instance, 10 years seems to be the minimum in South Australia, Western Australia is 12 years, Queensland 15 years, ACT 16 years, NSW 16 years whereas Victoria is 18 years. In Canada, the minimum acceptable age for paintball players are 10 years.

Is it safe for kids to play paintball?

Paintball is an excellent activity for the kids, especially during the holidays when you are looking for a safe but adventurous activity for them. All AUPBA-approved paintball centres hold customer safety as their foremost priority and as such they have invested in the appropriate equipment to do so.

How are paintball makers regulated under the Firearms Act?

Under the current system, “paintball makers” – the paint-filled guns players use to shoot each other – are classified as “prohibited firearms” under the Firearms Act and permits are regulated by the firearms registry. The department of Fair Trading NSW will now assume regulatory responsibility.