What is the least unhealthy alcohol to drink?

What is the least unhealthy alcohol to drink?

Take a look at this list of the least-damaging alcoholic drinks from Legends at White Oak to help you drink consciously.

  • Red Wine.
  • Light Beer.
  • Tequila.
  • Gin & Rum & Vodka & Whiskey.

What is the most harmful alcohol?

Everclear – This type of grain alcohol is 190 proof in its purest form, making it the most dangerous kind of alcohol a person can consume. Even two shots of Everclear can land a person in the emergency room – easily.

Is drinking every night OK?

Drinking alcohol in moderation generally is not a cause for concern. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, drinking is considered to be in the moderate or low-risk range for women at no more than three drinks in any one day and no more than seven drinks per week.

What can I drink instead of alcohol?

9 Things to Drink Instead of Alcohol

  • Tea (hot or cold)
  • Fruit and herb-infused water.
  • Sparkling water.
  • Coffee (hot or iced)
  • Club soda with flavored syrup.
  • Spiced apple cider.
  • Juice.
  • Soda water and herbs.

What alcoholic drink is least harmful to your health?

The healthiest alcoholic drink out there is wine , especially red wine. There have been many studies that show wine can help to reduce type II diabetes, lower the risk of heart disease, and even help with weight loss.

What is the worst alcoholic drink?

Beer is the worst type of alcoholic drink you can have. Almost all beers are made from grains like barley and wheat. These are packed with gluten, which can cause a lot of health problems – even if you aren’t aware you have gluten tolerance issues.

What is the most fattening alcoholic drink?

5 Most Fattening Alcoholic Drinks: 1. Beer: There is such an entity called ‘light’ beer but light actually means110 calories. 3. Wine: It is true that wine and women gets better with age. 4. Vodka: The Russian staple drink is also not on the healthy list.

Is Tequila really the healthiest alcohol?

Tequila is considered healthier than other alcoholic drinks. Tequila is produced from the blue agave plant native to Mexico. It has been proven to promote bone growth in mice.