What is the display of result from processing?

What is the display of result from processing?

The meaningful result obtained after processing is known as information.

What is the result of the computers processing?

Output, the result produced by the central processing unit, is a computer’s whole reason for being. Output is usable information; that is, raw input data that has been processed by the computer into information. The most common forms of output are words, numbers, and graphics.

Does the processing unit display result from computer?

Answer: The output displays the result. Explanation: After processing the input, the Central processsing unit can send it back t the user.

Where are processed results displayed?

The computer gives meaningful information after completion of processing task which is displayed on the output devices. Monitor, printer, plotter etc are some of the common examples of output devices.

What displays the results of a computer?

Answer: Answer: In computer system, output unit displays the result or show the result.

What refers to to the processed results that a computer sends to you?

Output. refers to the processed results that a computer sends out to you. Typically, the results appear on the computer’s screen or on a printed piece of paper. Storage. is the ability of a computer to hold or remember the information it processes.

What does processing mean in a computer system?

processing. The process and real-time transfer and updating of data, information, facts, research and statistics at superluminal speed in an energy field, a computer system, laptop system, memory, information technology systems, app, device, server or network. The computer processing is efficient, effective and organized, it updates accurately.

What is the meaning of processing in photography?

processing 1 In photography, the operations necessary to produce negatives, diapositives, or prints from exposed films, plates, or… 2 A system of operations designed to convert raw data into useful information. More

What do you need to know about processing?

Processing is a simple programming environment that was created to make it easier to develop visually oriented applications with an emphasis on animation and providing users with instant feedback through interaction.

What is the meaning of the word process?

tr.v. proc·essed, proc·ess·ing, proc·ess·es. 1. To put through the steps of a prescribed procedure: processing newly arrived immigrants; process an order. 2. To prepare, treat, or convert by subjecting to a special process: process ore to obtain minerals. 3.