What is the best month to visit Asheville North Carolina?

What is the best month to visit Asheville North Carolina?

The best times to visit Asheville are from March to May and September to early November, when temperatures hover between the upper 50s and the mid-70s – ideal weather for exploring the blooms in spring and the foliage in the fall.

Do you need a car to visit Asheville NC?

Yes, you will need a car in Asheville. You can walk around Biltmore Village, but you would need a car to get into Biltmore Estate or to get into the city of Asheville.

How many days do you need to visit Asheville NC?

We recommend spending 2-3 days in Asheville to experience the highlights of the city and the surrounding areas. 2 days in Asheville is enough to catch a glimpse of this unique and historic city. With 3 days, you can tack on a short day trip to some of the state and national parks nearby to enjoy hiking and fresh air.

What are winters like in Asheville NC?

Winter: Asheville is protected by the surrounding mountains, so we seldom have a major snowfall in the city. Highs usually run in the 40s and 50s. January, February, and March are great months to visit since these are the slowest months for visitors coming to our area.

Is Asheville NC safe?

Is Asheville, NC Safe? As a general rule, the Asheville area is a very safe place to live. Asheville is the largest city in Western North Carolina, and the population of Asheville is still only 91,560 (as of 2019). So Asheville still has a small town feel with fewer of the crime problems that can plague bigger cities.

Why is Asheville NC so expensive?

“One of the reasons that Just Economics is in existence is the disproportionately high cost of living, particularly housing and low wages.” Those factors, she says, “are quickly causing gentrification in our city. And it’s pushing further and further out into the county.”

Is Asheville NC A walkable city?

According to Walkscore.com, Asheville is one of North Carolina’s most walkable cities, second to Boone and tied with Chapel Hill. What makes a city or neighborhood walkable? Walkable neighborhoods offer surprising benefits to the environment, our health, our finances, and our communities.

What is there to do in Asheville NC Besides the Biltmore?


  • The North Carolina Arboretum.
  • New Belgium Brewing Company.
  • Asheville Pinball Museum.
  • Craggy Gardens.
  • Basilica of Saint Lawrence.
  • Lexington Glassworks.
  • The Folk Art Center (Southern Highland Craft Guild)
  • Where can I spend time in Asheville NC?

    One Day in Asheville Itinerary

    • Explore everything Biltmore has to offer.
    • Head downtown for lunch.
    • Visit Basilica of St.
    • Go to Asheville Pinball Museum.
    • See Lexington Glassworks.
    • Walk along the River Arts District.
    • Blue Ridge Parkway.
    • Pisgah National Forest.