What is the average age of NASCAR fans?

What is the average age of NASCAR fans?

According to the source, the average age of NASCAR viewers in the 2016/17 regular season was 58.

What are the demographics of the core NASCAR fan?

That survey builds on a study done in February 2021, which indicated that fans who said they became NASCAR fans in the past three years were 22% Hispanic, 19% Black and 9% Asian, which is half of all new fans in that survey.

Does NASCAR have an audience?

The NASCAR Daytona 500 on February 17 had an average TV viewership of 9.17 million….Average TV viewership of selected NASCAR events in the United States in 2019 (in million viewers)

Characteristic Audience in million viewers

What are the psychographics of NASCAR fans?

Four demographic variables (education, age, gender and internet use) and two psychographic variables (attitude towards NASCAR sponsors and NASCAR involvement) were investigated for impact on NASCAR fan ability to recall sponsor brands.

Is NASCAR declining in popularity?

In the FOX/NBC era of NASCAR TV (since 2001), Daytona 500 ratings peaked in 2006 on NBC with 19.4 million viewers and an 11.3 rating. Since earning a 7.7 rating and 13. 4 million viewers in 2015, both ratings and viewership have declined steadily.

How popular is NASCAR in the US?

According to statistics the global TV viewership’s for Formula 1 in 2019 stood at 471 million. The same source claims that TV viewership for NASCAR stood at 2.92 million in 2019.

Why do people watch NASCAR?

But why is it so popular? People watch NASCAR for many reasons, with the main one being the high level of excitement. The cars reach some of the fastest speeds in motorsport, and that makes every race very intense. The signature oval tracks also mean that every spectator gets great views of the action.

How are NASCAR ratings?

Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race had to switch from NBC to NBCSN for the decisive final laps due to a lengthy overtime, and averaged a 1.80 rating and 2.83m viewers.

What are the strengths of NASCAR?

Below are the Strengths in the SWOT Analysis of NASCAR:

  • NASCAR stock racing has one of the highest TV ratings amongst all professional sports franchises in USA.
  • NASCAR has a high revenue of millions of dollars than due to excellent merchandising, branding and ticket sales.

What do NASCAR fans buy?

NASCAR fans are known for collecting memorabilia. Whether it’s a race ticket, program, hero card, hat, or die cast, these racing enthusiasts willingly spend their hard-earned money to show their support and memorialize their favorite Cup Series driver.

What are the demographics of the NASCAR audience?

NASCAR has the highest share of Caucasians that watch the sport than any other US sport at 94%. 37%. That’s the percentage of NASCAR’s audience that is made up of women. Only 9% of the overall NASCAR audience fits into the 18-34 age demographic.

Why do people want to watch NASCAR races?

“A study by a University of Iowa economist finds that many car race fans do, indeed, watch NASCAR races because they want to see car wrecks, but more of them have been tuning in to see who actually wins the race since the circuit adopted its Chase for the Cup championship series in 2004.”

Why is speed so important in NASCAR marketing?

NASCAR knows that speed is key when their audience is looking for something specific, like the results of the latest race or a multi-car wreck. So, they upload clips of highly searched events as soon as possible to capture every potential view.

How many NASCAR fans are in the United States?

The total number of estimated NASCAR fans in the United States: 75 million. 1 in 3 households that watch NASCAR regularly has children in the home that are under the age of 18. The generalization that a NASCAR fan is generally rich and white is actually fairly accurate.