What is the adjective for heat?

What is the adjective for heat?

heat (verb) heated (adjective) heating (noun) heat–seeking (adjective)

What are words related to heat?


  • heat.
  • melt.
  • scorch.
  • simmer.
  • stew.
  • warm.

What is the adverb of heat?

Word family (noun) heat heater heating (adjective) heated ≠ unheated (verb) heat overheat (adverb) heatedly.

What is a scientific word for heat?

More simply put, heat energy, also called thermal energy or simply heat, is transferred from one location to another by particles bouncing into each other. All matter contains heat energy, and the more heat energy that is present, the hotter an item or area will be.

How do you describe extreme heat?

Extreme heat is defined as summertime temperatures that are much hotter and/or humid than average. Because some places are hotter than others, this depends on what’s considered average for a particular location at that time of year. Humid and muggy conditions can make it seem hotter than it really is.

Is heat a adjective?

HEATED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you describe heat energy?

Heat is the form of energy that is transferred between systems or objects with different temperatures (flowing from the high-temperature system to the low-temperature system). Also referred to as heat energy or thermal energy. Heat is typically measured in Btu, calories or joules.

Which kind of noun is heat?

2[uncountable, countable, usually singular] the level of temperature to increase/reduce the heat Test the heat of the water before putting the baby in the bathtub. Set the oven to a low/high/moderate heat.

All hot and bothered

  • As hot as Hades
  • As hot as blue blazes
  • As warm as toast
  • Bake and shake
  • Bake in
  • Bake off
  • Blow hot and cold
  • Body heat
  • Burn After Reading ( George Clooney movie )
  • How to describe heat?

    Heat refers to the transfer of energy between systems (or bodies), whereas temperature is determined by the energy contained within a singular system (or body). In other words, heat is energy, while temperature is a measure of energy.

    Is heat a verb?

    1. verb When you heat something, you raise its temperature, for example by using a flame or a special piece of equipment. Heat is warmth or the quality of being hot. The heat is very hot weather. The heat of something is the temperature of something that is warm or that is being heated.

    What is the antonym of heat?

    heat, warmth(noun) the sensation caused by heat energy. Antonyms: cool down, chill, cool. Synonyms: lovingness, rut, affectionateness, warmheartedness, high temperature, heating, estrus, warmth, passion, fondness, heat energy, oestrus, hotness, warmness, heating plant, heating system.