What is significant about how sydelle is dressed at the party?

What is significant about how sydelle is dressed at the party?

What is significant about how Sydelle is dressed at the party? Because the Cafe was destroyed. She gets to tell people where to sit. Why does everyone go to Hoo’s restaurant for dinner?

Why are Angela and sydelle dressing like to go to the party?

Terms in this set (6) Why does Sydelle want Angela to dress as her twin for the party? She wants her to dress like her so they look like twins and maybe someone will bring up something about having a twin because it was stated in the will that one of the heirs have a twin.

Why is sydelle disappointed that Angela changed out of her clothes in the Westing Game?

Why is Sydelle disappointed that Angela changed out of her clothes? She wouldn’t find out who was a twin. She liked to look like beautiful Angela.

How did Judge Ford describe Mrs Wexler?

Here’s another example: The doorman described Mrs. Westing as blonde, full-lipped, a good figure though on the skinny side […] Memory’s always a bit unreliable, but Judge Ford’s memory is filtered through the subject of race.

What does everyone want from sydelle in Westing Game?

Sydelle wanted people to bring up the clue, “Twin”. Why does Angela rush into Judge Ford’s kitchen? Angela needed to be along or she was going to cry from the way her mother and others treated her.

What are JJ Ford character traits?

A reserved yet proud black woman, Ford has battled racism, prejudice, and discrimination to get to the point she’s at in her career—as such, she’s often defensive, detached, and purposefully suspicious of those around her.

How did Sydelle get hurt in the Westing Game?

Sydelle is at one table talking to Chris to get attention. When the bomb explodes Sydelle injures her foot. The police investigator says that both bombs so far have been gas explosions. He also says for everyone to keep,there rooms ventilated. The bomber plans to set his next bomb in the Wexler’s apartment

What happens in Chapter 6 of the Westing Game?

Then the will starts. Chapter 6 summary In chapter 6 the lawyer starts reading of the will. The lawyer explained that Mr. westing was killed by one of them, and Mr. westing is going to give all of them $10,000.

How old is Angela in the Westing Game?

Everything you need for every book you read. Angela is the beautiful 19-year-old daughter of Jake and Grace Wexler and the sister of Turtle Wexler. She’s one of Sam Westing ’s 16 potential heirs.

What did the bully Gradgrind wear in the story?

The bully Gradgrind is the type who’d wear a waistcoat concealing an eyeglass for catching people out. Compare this, then, to Dickens’ description of Gradgrind’s wife in the following chapter (Gradgrind’s wealthy but poverty-claiming friend has just told Mrs. Gradgrind he was born in a ditch):