What is organic and inorganic material of bone?

What is organic and inorganic material of bone?

The organic component of the bone matrix includes the collagen and ground substance whereas the inorganic component is the inorganic bone salts, mainly the hydroxyapatite. The collagen and ground substance form approximately 25% of the bone mass. Collagen, though, is the predominant organic component.

Are bone cells organic?

Bone is composed of various types of cells and collagenous extracellular organic matrix, which is predominantly type I collagen (85–95%) called osteoid that becomes mineralised by the deposition of calcium hydroxyapatite.

Is compact bone organic or inorganic?

compact bone, also called cortical bone, dense bone in which the bony matrix is solidly filled with organic ground substance and inorganic salts, leaving only tiny spaces (lacunae) that contain the osteocytes, or bone cells.

What are bones made of chemically?

human skeleton: chemical composition of bonesBone is a composite of proteins such as collagen and minerals such as calcium. Together these materials give bone a unique combination of strength and elasticity.Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Are bones made of cells?

Bones are made up mostly of osteoblasts (progenitor cells), osteocytes (mature bone cells), and osteoclasts (large cells that breakdown bone tissue for growth and repair).

What is the composition of bones?

Composition of bone. “Bone itself consists mainly of collagen fibres and an inorganic bone mineral in the form of small crystals” (University of Cambridge 2005). Bones are living tissue which is made up of connective tissue. The bone tissue is made up of several types of bone cells such as osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

What is the mineral composition of bone?

Bone mineral. The mineral component of bone is basically an inorganic calcium compound called hydroxyapatite, made up of calcium ions, phosphate ions and hydroxyl ions in the ratio Ca 5(PO 4) 3(OH).