What is my Mercedes paint code?

What is my Mercedes paint code?

The most popular location is on a black sticker / plate which is found on the bottom of the door pillar / B Post (inside drivers door shut). Earlier mercedes will have a paint code stamped on a metal plate usually found on the slam panel(where the bonnet closes).

Where is the paint code on a Mercedes E class?

The Mercedes manufacturers tag is typically white, black, or silver and has a barcode running along the entire bottom. The paint code is situated above this near the top of the tag. It may be placed next to the “PASSENGER CAR” heading.

Where can I find my car Colour code?

Location: The paint colour code tag is usually located inside the glove box or in the wheel well, but it can also be found on the driver’s side door jamb, under the driver’s seat or in the passenger sun visor.

What paint does Mercedes Benz use?

Daimler AG, manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has approved the Global Refinish System from PPG, including the Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat, for repair in North America of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

How do I find the interior color code on my Mercedes?

Code numbers can be found in the original delivery book or tag delivered with the car. If that is lost look for the numbers on the embossed plate located on the front core support under the hood. This is a typical plate (as found on a 2000 E430).

What Colours do Mercedes come in?

Exterior Colors

  • Polar White.
  • Night Black.
  • Digital White.
  • Cosmos Black.
  • Iridium Silver.
  • Mountain Grey.
  • Mojave Silver.
  • Denim Blue.

Does Mercedes sell touchup paint?

All Touch Up paint sets are Genuine Mercedes-Benz products, to ensure a perfect colour match with the paintwork on your car. Touch Up paints are supplied as a set, complete with a clear lacquer Touch Up to protect fresh paint work and provide a professional finish.

How many coats of paint are on a Mercedes?

The body is given four coats of paint-hand polished between coats, the final paint coat applied by hand -for a smooth ‘lustrous finish which is especially salt-resistant.

How do I find the interior color code?

The interior color code is in the bottom right of the sticker, but is also one of the RPO codes near the end of the list ending in the letter “I”.

When did the Mercedes 190E Sportline limited edition come out?

This 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E Sportline Limited Edition was sold new in New Jersey in April 1993 and has lived in Texas since the seller’s acquisition in July 2018. This 190E is 1 of 700 Sportline Limited Editions which features the 2.6L M103, two-tone Black and Red leather interior, faux-carbon fiber interior trim, and a debadged trunk lid.

When did the Mercedes 190E 16 valve come out?

This identification guide has been drafted for those interested in the Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 valve, also known as the “Cosworth” Mercedes. These cars represent the highest spec 190E available between 1988 and 1993, prior to being superseded by the Evo I and II 16-valve cars, and are widely considered modern classic.

How big are the wheels on a Mercedes 190E?

“190E” badge on LHS bootlid and “2.5 – 16” badge on RHS bootlid (the only feature distinguishing the car from the 2.3 – 16). Alloy 15” X 7” wheels, mounted originally with tires size 205/55/15. The part number is A2014001302 which should be cast inside the rims.

Where can I find the Mercedes Benz paint code?

Open the drivers door and look for this sticker. See example picture below. Once you get the code you can use the table below to get the name of your color. Hint: This is a long list, press Control+F on your keyboard to quickly search your code. 005 from 09.12.1995 ” TEST DEPT.