What is best line to impress a girl?

What is best line to impress a girl?

You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on; you’re the love of my life, you’re my one and only, you’re my everything. 4 Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. 5. I put a tear in the ocean; when you find it, I’ll stop loving you.

How does a guy try to impress a girl?

1. Flashing cash . This is the most obvious way a guy will try to impress a girl. When a guy flashes cash, the best he can hope for is a gold digger. If the girl isn’t into money, she’ll most likely feel cheap and assume that he has nothing going for him aside from a fat bank account.

How can you impress this girl you love?

Be clear about your intentions. Telling her about your intentions makes things clear between both of you.

  • Get to know her. It is important to know the girl you like better and on a deeper level.
  • Be chivalrous.
  • Make her feel special.
  • Do not be overly competitive.
  • Get along with her friends.
  • Treat people with kindness and respect.
  • Dress up nicely.
  • How can you Impress Your Girlfriend?

    15 Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend Respect her family. This is a must, because family is something very close to her heart. Get clean and fit. Clean up all the mess in your room without being told to do it. Cook a meal for her. Do something she likes. Ask her opinions. Show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Be good around kids. Make her laugh. Listen to her. Surprise her.

    What is a way to impress a girl?

    Look her in the eyes while talking. It not only shows your confidence but it also makes your conversation meaningful.

  • Be polite. A lot of people now think that if they will be polite,it would suggest that they are boring but that isn’t true.
  • Watch what you are saying.
  • Give her sincere compliments.
  • Dress nicely.
  • Make her feel special.
  • Avoid your phone.