What is at the location that is 90 degrees?

What is at the location that is 90 degrees?

The latitude of the North Pole is 90 degrees N, and the latitude of the South Pole is 90 degrees S.

What continent is 90 degrees south?

Its latitude is 90 degrees south, and all lines of longitude meet there (as well as at the North Pole, on the opposite end of the Earth). The South Pole is located on Antarctica, one of the Earth’s seven continents.

What country is at 90 degrees north latitude?

Which of the following countries is closest to the latitude line that is 90 degrees north?

Latitude Locations
90° N North Pole
75° N Arctic Ocean; Russia; northern Canada; Greenland

Is North 0 or 90 degrees?

The measurement of the equator is called zero degrees. The North pole then becomes “90 degrees North” and the South pole is called “90 degrees South.” Imagine each hemisphere as a protractor that only measures from 0 to 90 degrees.

At what latitude is Leningrad?

59.9311° N, 30.3609° E
Saint Petersburg/Coordinates

What is 90 degrees on a compass?

Some compasses also display 360 marks called degrees that can be used instead of or in addition to the needle which always points north. North indicates 0° (0 degrees). 90 degrees is East, south is 180°, and west is 270°.

What angle is South West?

SW = Southwest (214-236 degrees)

What continent is 0 60 West?

The meridian 60° west of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, North America, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

Is the equator 90 degrees north or 90 degrees south?

The Equator is termed 0 degrees. 90 degrees south is the South Pole, 90 degrees north is the North Pole. Wiki User ∙ 2008-10-10 04:43:36 This answer is:

Where is the North Pole and the South Pole located?

The north pole is located at 90 degrees North latitude, while the south one is located at 90 degrees South latitude. What is located 90 degrees north at 90 degrees south?

Where do latitude lines run around the globe?

Latitude lines run east to west around the globe. You can remember it this way: Latitude lines are flat! Latitude lines run east to west, but they actually give us a location that is a certain number of degrees north or south of the equator. If you were 50 degrees north of the equator, your latitude would be 50° N.