What is a transaction line?

What is a transaction line?

A transaction line is linked to an intercompany trade order and displays the details of a delivery, service, or other activity performed for the originating business object. The transaction line triggers the creation of the internal cost and revenue transactions, and, if specified, the internal invoice lines.

How do I change transactions in Xero?

Edit a transaction

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Bank accounts.
  2. Select the bank account of the transaction you will edit.
  3. Find the spend or receive money transaction in the Account Transactions tab.
  4. Click on the transaction to open it.
  5. Click Options, then select Edit Transaction.
  6. Edit any of the required fields.

How do I reallocate transactions in Xero?

Click the Recode arrow, then select Recode source transactions or Recode with a manual journal. Enter the changes you want to make….To start recoding, find the group of transaction lines that match one or more conditions.

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Find and recode.
  2. Click Find and recode.

How do I view transactions in Xero?

In the Accounting menu, select Reports. Use the search field in the top right corner to find and open the Detailed Account Transactions report. Select your date range by entering a From and To date. You can also choose to Sort your results by Account Name, Account Code, Reference or Date.

How do I edit tracks in Xero?

In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Tracking categories. Click Rename next to the tracking category or option. Enter the new name….

  1. Reporting & tracking.
  2. Tracking categories.
  3. Rename, delete, or restore a tracking option or category.

How do I find transactions in Xero?

Search for contacts and transactions To get started, simply click on the search icon or enter / from any screen in Xero. You can search for contacts by name, and transactions by reference, invoice number, contact name, bank account, and more. Enter your search terms and results will display as you type.

How do you access find and recode?

To access find and recode, in the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Find and recode….Using find and recode

  1. Changing the account code or tax rate.
  2. Cleaning up contacts when there are variations of a contact name.
  3. Combining accounts.
  4. Adding or changing tracking categories.

How to view transactions in a financial report?

Because the design of financial reports can be based on accounts, dimensions, account categories, or a combination of the three, you can view the transactions by drilling down in various ways. If you require more information for general ledger transactions, you can also include multiple transaction properties as part of the report design.

How can I view transactions in the general ledger?

In addition to the financial reports, you can use the following ledger reports to view general ledger transactions: Dimension statement – This report shows transactions by day and account, and there are also options to show transactions by dimension and period.

How to view and customize transaction list?

If you are on the NetSuite homepage and you want to find the Transaction List, just go to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries > List. The result will be the Journal Entries list showing the following: Internal ID (because the setting is turned on) Edit and view clickable links (because the setting is also turned on)

Where to find transaction management in US Bank?

You can drill to a list of transactions and complete transaction management functions. To view, select Transaction Management. Then click Managing Account list. Sort the list by clicking on a column header.