What is a third party contact violation?

What is a third party contact violation?

Third-party, or indirect contact, means that one person passes a message to the other through a third-party. While seemingly innocuous, this simple act of passing a message to the Petitioner through a third person constitutes a violation of the Injunction, as well as the commission of a misdemeanor offense.

What is indirect contact legal?

Indirect contact means using a third party (such as a family member or friend) to deliver a message or communicate, leaving gifts or unsigned messages.

Does following on social media violate a restraining order?

Time and time again, U.S. courts have held that interactions on social media networks can violate the terms of a restraining order. Previous court decisions indicate that sending private messages to the protected individual can constitute a restraining order violation.

What percentage of restraining orders are violated?

Protection Orders and Violence The reported rates of protection order violation vary widely across studies, from as low as 7.1 percent to as high as 81.3 percent.

Do not contact directly or indirectly?

A no contact order is a prohibition of direct or indirect physical, verbal, and/or written contact with another individual or group. Such orders are most commonly associated with family or household violence, stalking or sex offenses.

What can a no contact order do to a person?

The no-contact order is one of more damaging orders a court can put on a person. While nominally it protects the safety of what is known as the protected person, they can also wreak havoc on a living situation. Further, they can create new criminal charges for a restrained person, even felonies.

When is it appropriate to relay a message?

Answer Wiki. It depends on the situation. If the two people have merely been out of touch, and the person sending the message just doesn’t have current contact information, relaying a message is appropriate.

Can you contact a person you have an order of protection against?

You can contact the abuser you have an Order of Protection against. The order only forbids actions by the abuser. It does not forbid your actions. However, such contacts may result in unintended consequences. The judge may have concerns about your reasons for getting the order and whether you really need the court’s protection.

What does no contact mean in civil court?

If you have been ordered to have no contact, either in a criminal case or because of a civil restraining order, no contact means no contact. None. Zip. Zero. Not if there is an earthquake. Not if there are nuclear missiles raining down on Colorado from the sky. Not even if the Rockies win the World Series.