What is a swivel slang?

What is a swivel slang?

(slang) Strength of mind or character that enables one to overcome adversity; confidence; will. Bob ain’t got no swivel. noun.

What do you mean by spindle?

1 : a slender round rod or stick with narrowed ends by which thread is twisted in spinning and on which it is wound. 2 : something (as an axle or shaft) which has a slender round shape and on which something turns. spindle. noun. spin·​dle | \ ˈspin-dᵊl \

What is gyrate in English?

1 : to revolve around a point or axis. 2 : to oscillate with or as if with a circular or spiral motion. Other Words from gyrate Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About gyrate.

What does head on a swivel mean?

keep (one’s) head on a swivel To remain vigilant of one’s surroundings. Hey, keep your head on a swivel—we don’t want anyone sneaking up on us! See also: head, keep, on.

What is a swivel joint?

Definition of swivel joint : a joint with packed swivel to permit rotational motion of one part relative to another.

What is a spindle on a lawn mower?

The spindle on a riding mower is the post to which the blade attaches and around which it spins when the machine is in action. A riding mower may have one or more spindles, depending on the size of the mower and the way it is manufactured.

What is a cluster in Kubernetes?

A Kubernetes cluster is a set of nodes that run containerized applications. Containerizing applications packages an app with its dependences and some necessary services. Kubernetes clusters allow containers to run across multiple machines and environments: virtual, physical, cloud-based, and on-premises.

Is gyrate a real word?

verb (used without object), gy·rat·ed, gy·rat·ing. to move in a circle or spiral, or around a fixed point; whirl.

Which is the correct definition of the word swivel?

swiveled or swivelled; swiveling or swivelling\\ ˈswi-​və-​liŋ , ˈswiv-​liŋ \\. Definition of swivel (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to turn on or as if on a swivel swiveled his eyes in various directions. intransitive verb. : to swing or turn on or as if on a swivel.

What’s the difference between a swivel and a dust Cup?

Its extra-large dust cup can sustain entire cleaning sessions without needing to be emptied, while the lightweight swivel design makes maneuvering around furniture a breeze.

What are the features of a swivel glider?

With such effortless, gentle gliding, you – and/or your little one – will surely be lulled right to sleep! The ‘Recline’ Feature: Convenient swiveling, soothing gliding and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the swivel glider recliner delivers.