What happened to Widge at age 7?

What happened to Widge at age 7?

What happened to Widge at age 7? He was adopted and his prospects changed.

How old is Widge?

Plot summary. In the late Elizabethan era, a fourteen-year-old orphan known only by his nickname, Widge, has learned shorthand, a method of rapid writing by means of abbreviations and symbols, from his previous master, a preacher who wants Widge to steal other preachers’ sermons.

How much did the stranger pay for Widge?

Widge is not too bright, and he is lazy. The stranger offers Dr. Bright 10 pounds sterling for Widge.

What happens at the end of the Shakespeare Stealer?

The Falconer dies. Chambelain’s men hear the whole story and they are kind to Wigde. They allow him to remain an apprentice. Widge finally comes to understand the true meaning of loyalty, family, and friendship.

When Widge finally has possession of the play Hamlet he steals the manuscript?

In Chapter 15, Widge finally finds himself with Hamlet in his possession. He questions whether he can actually get away with stealing the manuscript. However, when lines are called for from the stage, as audience members are laughing at the mistakes being made, Widge is forced to continue playing his…

What was special about the writing Widge had been trained to do?

The job Widge was to do was to write Shakespeare’s play: THE TRAGEDY OF HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK in charactery. He would see the play in London, chaperoned by Falconer. Surreptitious means very carefully so as to be unseen (look up this word). 12.

What did Widge say he wanted to become when he came to London?

What did Widge tell the players to escape being punished? That he had no master, came to London by himself, all to be an actor.

How did Widge become an apprentice to Dr bright?

Exposition: Widge is an orphan who is adopted/bought to be an apprentice by Dr. bright and taught Charactery by him. Widge is then bought by Simon Bass and taken to him by Falconer. Widge then becomes an apprentice to the players and thinks about stealing the play.

What reading level is The Shakespeare Stealer?

The Shakespeare Stealer

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 5 – 8 Grades 4 – 8 5.2